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Episode 7: Want Your Biz to Feel Good? You need R. R. and F!


Rhythm, Routine and Flow...want some?

Welcome to Episode 7!

All about Rhythm, Routine and Flow.

What it is, why it’s helpful, and how you can get some now.


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Rhythm, Routine and Flow.

YES PLEASE!!!! I want some!

Most people are ready to have some.

Not only in their business...but in their life.

The last year and a half has been unpredictable.

We’ve been on shaky ground.

Our foundations haven’t felt solid.


But one thing you CAN do, no matter what the current masking situation is, is get yourself some R, R + F.

As a coach, I really want you to have Rhythm, Routine and Flow in your biz.

And if you need some, listen in.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • What FLOW is, what it feels like, and where it can happen.
  • Examples of where my clients have good FLOW in their business.
  • How you can get...
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Episode 6: 76K Instagram followers + a craft cottage on the lake shore: meet Missy! (Part 2)


Who’s ready to love in the Land of Possibility?

Loving your work, having your own business, being in charge of your own calendar, and being your own’s all possible.


I’ve done it. My clients do it. My friend Missy here has done it. Why not you?


In Episode 6, Titled “Missy, Part 2”, you’ll learn what it’s like to have your creative business dreams come true. And I hope, through this chat, that you will see what’s possible.


In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How MIssy manages her very creative brain...and all those ideas
  • What Missy’s creative process is
  • Two very common places you can get some brilliant ideas!
  • How Missy was selected by Michael’s Crafts to be a “Michaels Maker”
  • What product Missy LOVES to keep her craft room organized and on-track
  • How she uses a small team to create a TON of stuff
  • When Missy’s company first made a profit
  • Missy’s busiest...
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Episode 5: 76K Instagram followers + a craft cottage on the lake shore: meet Missy! (Part 1)



Ever wonder what it would be like to quit your dayjob (even if you love it) and do something you feel CALLED to do? (Some of you are like, “Ummm...hellloooo, that’s why I’m listening to this podcast Ang….)


Like literally going from the 9-5 corporate job to having your very own lake home with a separate craft cottage for your creative business???? 


You probably know it as making your side hustle your main hustle?

(Although I wish we could remove the word hustle...but that’s a whole different podcast.)  


Ever wonder what it would be like to go from ZERO Instagram Followers to 76,000???


I mean…..WHAT????

Who does that???

Missy Lukkonen does. 

And you guys…..this girl….don’t even get me started!!! 

This girl is the REAL DEAL you guys!!!





She has had amazing success and she has the BEST...

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Episode 4: Five Money Blocks You Might Have that are In Your Way (and how to get rid of them)


Ok friends. Here we go.


Welcome to The Brilliant Creative, Episode 4! 


I feel the need for an extra WELCOME today because...well, I want you to 

REALLY FEEL welcome today.


Today I want you to feel super welcome...and I want you to feel all the love around the topic we’re diving into today. It’s a topic lots of creatives (and lots of other people for that matter!) feel less than comfortable with. It’s money.


You guys!!! This is a good one. This episode shows you a little of my heart and soul for creatives. I want you guys to be awesome at money. 

The first step is to LISTEN to a conversation about it.
Let yourself listen and consider.


The first step is to let yourself consider that it is possible for you and money to be pals.

Yes! You could be pals, buddies, friends. 

Maybe even good friends.

I mean, WHAT IF YOU COULD?????


And what if it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be?



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Episode 3: Five Shifts to Make in Your First 5 Years of Business (so you can easily attract clients that you love!)

business coaching mindset Jul 25, 2021

Hey there business friend….I know you! You love to make, build, create and design.

You’re pretty good at it….and usually you can do it pretty fast, right?

But what happens when building something doesn’t go fast enough?

Like building a business. 

Building a business you LOVE takes a while.


It takes time to get your business running the way you want it to.

It can go can happen quickly, but it can also take years. Especially if you are designing a business that really works with you and your lifestyle. 


Before we dive into this episode, listen to the mindset provided for you at the beginning. 


The mindset for today’s episode is basically the creative business version of “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Creative businesses are built bit by bit, conversation by conversation, client by client, decision by decision. Remember this when you feel behind, overwhelmed or just plain stuck....

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Episode 2: Four Steps to Get Started: Re-energizing Your Small Business

business coaching Jul 25, 2021

Are you ready for a REFRESH in your creative business? After the past 18 months, I imagine a REFRESH or even a RESTART might be helpful. As a creative business coach, I know how empowering it can feel for my clients to look at their business and find a couple parts of it to “shine up”. Or even to “rebuild” or “recreate”. My clients are finding all of these RE words to be helpful right now. And so am I.

Join me for a chat on how to REVIVE, RESTART and RE-ENERGIZE your current business. Almost everyone is ready for some fresh, new energy...listen in and learn how.

About this podcast:

Some businesses thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, was yours one? If so, you might be exhausted. 

Or, was it one of the most difficult times in business you’ve ever experienced? If so, you too might be exhausted.

Either way, I’d like to humbly suggest it might be time for a REBOOT. 


If you are a small business owner, or an ...

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Episode 1: Introduction, WGITWA, + Helpful Mindsets for the Creative Perfectionist

perfectionist wgitwa Jul 25, 2021

Welcome to The Brilliant Creative Podcast!

Ever feel like perfectionism gets in your way? Specifically with your business? 

Well, let’s talk about it! Perfectionism in business can be helpful, but it can also be harmful. Join me in this episode and learn how to reframe your perfectionist thinking so you can feel some positive momentum in your business. Let’s get you unstuck + moving!

About this podcast:

If you’re gonna listen to The Brilliant Creative, ya gotta know a couple things!!


  1. The definition of WGITWA: What Gets in the Way!!! From negative thinking, to old stories, to perfectionism, to comparison, to limiting beliefs and so much more. A LOT of stuff gets in the business owners’ way. I could talk about this forever. Which is why the podcast is happening!!! 


SIDENOTE: Yes, I made up the word WGITWA. That’s what we creative people do right? I’m a big fan of making up words. And if you have your own...

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