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Episode 38: Two Companies that have GREAT Branding (and What you Can Learn from Them)
Episode 38: Two Companies that have GREAT Branding (and What you Can Learn from Them)


Hello hello brilliant creatives!!!!

Welcome to Ep 38, Two Companies that have GREAT Branding and What you Can Learn from them. 


So…who should listen to this episode?

If you…..

  1. Are just starting you biz and you don’t know the first thing about branding.
  2. Have had your biz for a bit but you never really GOT the importance of branding on a deeper level
  3. Just wanna appreciate some dang good branding
  4. Want to feel inspired around branding
  5. Are rebranding and want some reminders, or want to refresh your thoughts around branding
  6. Wanna learn a little about brand archetypes
  7. Have a business that feels unclear to you, and likely to your prospective clients
  8. Have a business that seems to attract the WRONG people…you find yourself asking how the heck you’re getting the clients you’re getting. 


The more you know your brand, the words, the values, the feeling, the connection it can have with prospective clients…the brighter...

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Episode 37: 5 Things to Consider When Starting a Creative Business
Episode 37: 5 Things to Consider When Starting a Creative Business

Starting your own creative business???

Push play on Episode 37: 5 Things to Consider When Starting a Creative Business.


This episode is for you if:

  1. Are thinking about starting a business, either full time or part time or even just a little side hustle. Any size, any commitment level…if you are thinking of starting a business, this is a good episode for you.
  2. If you’ve already decided you’re going to start a biz and you’re in the beginning phase.
  3. If you’ve been making your product for awhile and maybe giving it away or selling it for very little, and you think it might be time to start charging money.
  4. If you think a small business is what you want to do with your life but you need some more information.
  5. You want a specific example of how to switch your business from “just trying it” to “this is a real business”.


You’ll learn about:

  1. Proof of Concept…and the 5 steps that go along with this important...
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Episode 16: 5 Simple Ways Your Brand Words Can Attract Your Ideal Client.

brand archetypes branding Nov 04, 2021

Who’s ready for a deep dive on your brand vocabulary?
This week, we’re talking brand words.
And before we even get to brand words...we’re talking about brand archetyping. If archetyping is a new word for you, definitely join me for Episode 16. This one’s chock full of new info, hints, tips and strategies all around your brand words.

You’ll learn:
1. What a brand archetype is, and how it leads you to your brand words.
2. The 12 different archetypes I use with my clients to determine their brand personality, and then their brand words.
3. 10-12 brand words that connect to each brand archetype
4. 5+ ways you can use your brand words to attract your ideal client

I want you to feel inspired around your brand words.
Whether you already know them, or you’re just learning about brand words….get inspired and re-energize your word list today.

Let the power of the right words work for your brand. Enjoy!

Links Mentioned:

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