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Ep. 1 Introduction + March Flower Report

Welcome to The Flower Lovers' Podcast!

This is Episode One: Introduction + March Flower Report

I'm so happy you're here!! If you're looking for fresh flower inspiration, hints, tips, and some basic flower're in the right place. This podcast has been designed with the everyday flower lover in mind. If that's you, read on.

Here's what you'll learn in today's episode:

  • What the podcast will be all about, and how it will be organized
  • Why a florist with 23 years of floral experience is sharing all the back room flower secrets right here!
  • 10 different fresh spring flowers that I recommend to all my friends, where you can get them, why I like them and what they can do for you (so you can get really good at Spring flowers!)
  • 5 different plants to buy now, and why.  I teach the basics fore each plant, shares why I like them, and describe multiple ways you can use each one.
  • Tricks for keeping your flowers fresher, longer (Including what to do when your hydrangea stems "deflate"). 
  • Design ideas + inspiration + can-do flower energy!!!
  • One of my favorite vases, why it's a favorite, and where to get it now
  • How to be efficient, organized so you can design with ease 


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LINKS mentioned in Episode 1:

Free tulip class online →

Clear Glass 5x5 Cylinder from Amazon --> Click here

Clear Glass 5x5 Cylinder also from Amazon --> Click here

Cute tiny vase →


Trader Joes → 

Plant care →

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