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46. The Entrepreneurs' Wheel of Work© Series: Quick Chat on NICHE
46. The Entrepreneurs' Wheel of Work© Series: Quick Chat on NICHE

The EWOW Series: Quick Chat on NICHE

Hey Creatives.....Join me for a quick chat on Niche! 

Regardless of where you are in your business, this quick chat on niche is helpful.

In this episode:

-What niche is

-What I believe you need to do to get really good at your niche

-What is important to know about your niche

-What it means to “put the boat in the water” with niche

-Real life examples of “putting the boat in the water”

-How I figured out my niches at the flower shop


“You can think yourself into next Tuesday, but you won’t know until you get your stuff out there.”


Also, you’ll learn:

-3 simple ways to get clearer on your niche

-How to use levels, layers or segments to organize your niche


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Enterpreneur’s Wheel of Work© by Ang Stocke Coaching:

Favorite Cheaters:

Palmer Orchids:

Episode 12...

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Episode 12: What I Wish I Would Have Done in my First 5 Years of Business

ideal client niche Sep 20, 2021

It’s a CHOOSE YOUR OWN TITLE kind of adventure here in Episode 12. I like both titles, but you decide which one you like the best.   


In today’s episode, you’ll hear me tell an embarrassing story.

I still kind of don’t want to tell it, but, I am going to tell it anyway and we are going to chalk it up to ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING. If you can learn from my embarrassing story, that will make it worth the telling. Please learn from it. Oooooff.


So...who is today’s podcast for?

This episode is for you if:


  1. You find yourself a bit irritated that your 5 besties don’t buy your product or program more often, or ever.


  1. You find yourself a bit put off because your sister isn’t using your services for her _______. (you fill that in….wedding/birthday/home/work event/etc.)


  1. You get a little nervous when you are talking to friends about your business because you hope they will become a...
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If you're looking for a place to talk business with entrepreneurs just like you, to become empowered with new mindsets, to share your journey, to experience forward momentum... 

That's GLOW!

GLOW Opens September 16!

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