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Episode 1: Introduction, WGITWA, + Helpful Mindsets for the Creative Perfectionist

perfectionist wgitwa Jul 25, 2021

Welcome to The Brilliant Creative Podcast!

Ever feel like perfectionism gets in your way? Specifically with your business? 

Well, let’s talk about it! Perfectionism in business can be helpful, but it can also be harmful. Join me in this episode and learn how to reframe your perfectionist thinking so you can feel some positive momentum in your business. Let’s get you unstuck + moving!

About this podcast:

If you’re gonna listen to The Brilliant Creative, ya gotta know a couple things!!


  1. The definition of WGITWA: What Gets in the Way!!! From negative thinking, to old stories, to perfectionism, to comparison, to limiting beliefs and so much more. A LOT of stuff gets in the business owners’ way. I could talk about this forever. Which is why the podcast is happening!!! 


SIDENOTE: Yes, I made up the word WGITWA. That’s what we creative people do right? I’m a big fan of making up words. And if you have your own can make up all the words you want!


  1. The goal for this podcast is for you to leave with ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE..meaning, after you listen, you feel able to be, do or have something that you didn’t before. I might offer some coaching homework.  I will always offer journal prompts and questions that should be HELPFUL and FAST, and very often, I will offer new ways of thinking. These are called mindsets. If you wanna be a successful entrepreneur, you need to think like one!


In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Examples of WGITWA, and how they can hold you back in your business
  • Learn how perfectionist thinking was harmful to me in my 23 years of owning businesses (and how it was helpful!)
  • Identify common perfectionist beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Learn new beliefs that can help create a fresh mindset around perfectionism
  • Coaching homework in the form of: Choosing two or three fresh + empowering mindsets and putting them in front of you today!


In this Episode:

[0:02:12] Who I am, and who I have created this podcast for. 

[0:03:10] Elements that set me apart in the business coaching industry.   

[0:03:54] What you can expect to learn from the weekly episodes

[0:05:55] WGITWA; what it means, and some common examples 

[0:07:15] The dark path that comparison can lead you down. 

[0:09:09] Main goals of The Brilliant Creative podcast.   

[0:09:29] An introduction to today’s topic, perfectionism.  

[0:10:44] Ways that my perfectionism has served me well, and ways that is has not. 

[0:11:49] How I worked through my perfectionism

[0:12:33] What a negative orientation is, and why it’s not helpful  

[0:13:09] Examples of how perfectionism manifests itself within people who have creative businesses.    

[0:16:54] Huge costs of perfectionism. 

[0:17:55] How it feels when you are living in alignment compared to when you are not. 

[0:18:44] I run through 9 examples of harmful perfectionist mindsets.    

[0:20:20] 9 helpful mindsets that can serve as an “antidote” to the harmful ones.     

[0:23:54] Where you can find a copy of the 9 mindsets I have shared with you.  

[0:25:21] Your homework for today! 

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Grab your free PDF,  

"9 Helpful Mindsets for Perfectionists"


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What people are saying about the podcast:


Focused, relevant and sooo likeable!!

The Brilliant Creative Podcast is a well structured and relatable conversation! In each episode Angela focuses on a particular skill set creative entrepreneurs need and gives us the tools to sharpen that skill. She shares her experiences as a creative business owner, her successes and identifies fears around failure. She is a great cheerleader in a business where we often feel alone as we navigate the world of our niche skills. The end of the podcast generally includes a light homework assignment that is actionable and thought provoking. Listening to this podcast feels like sitting at a coffee shop and getting the full benefit of Angela’s attention! I highly recommend her easy going yet focused coaching style and can’t wait for more episodes!


Thanks Suzi! So many more episodes are on the way. I hope you all feel like we are sitting down together at your favorite coffee shop and getting down to business!!! 



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