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46. The Entrepreneurs' Wheel of Work© Series: Quick Chat on NICHE
46. The Entrepreneurs' Wheel of Work© Series: Quick Chat on NICHE

The EWOW Series: Quick Chat on NICHE

Hey Creatives.....Join me for a quick chat on Niche! 

Regardless of where you are in your business, this quick chat on niche is helpful.

In this episode:

-What niche is

-What I believe you need to do to get really good at your niche

-What is important to know about your niche

-What it means to “put the boat in the water” with niche

-Real life examples of “putting the boat in the water”

-How I figured out my niches at the flower shop


“You can think yourself into next Tuesday, but you won’t know until you get your stuff out there.”


Also, you’ll learn:

-3 simple ways to get clearer on your niche

-How to use levels, layers or segments to organize your niche


Links or companies mentioned

Enterpreneur’s Wheel of Work© by Ang Stocke Coaching:

Favorite Cheaters:

Palmer Orchids:

Episode 12...

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#43. Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©
#43. Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©

Welcome to Episode 43: Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©


Today’s episode introduces you to one of my favorite business coaching tools, the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©, or EWOW. 


This tool helps you:

-focus and get intentional about your business

-leave your emotions at the door when making big business decisions

-prioritize your next best steps easily

-feel confident you are focused on the next best step for you and your business

-make more money in less time

-get better at being a business owner

-get better at leading a team

-experience more joy + satisfaction in your business

-have a workflow that works for you

Is it easier for you to barrel through your day and just “get it done”…as opposed to stepping back for an hour or two and reflecting on how it could be done faster, better and with less stress on you..the owner? If that’s you…you’ll like this episode, and the next 17!!!

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#42: Jealousy Update: How Jealousy Can Help You Fill Your Fun Cup ğŸŽ‰
#42: Jealousy Update: How Jealousy Can Help You Fill Your Fun Cup ğŸŽ‰

#42: Jealousy Update: How Jealousy Can Help Fill Your Fun Cup

>>Learn How I Turned Jealousy into Joy with a Notebook, a Pencil, + My “Jealousy is a Sign” Routine


Hello LOVELIES!!!!

I bet you want to know…..who’s this episode for?

This episode is for anyone that’s ever been jealous. Which is everyone. So that’s you, cutie! 

This episode will be especially helpful for those of you who get most of your “fun” needs met from work + achievement. (I see you, I heart you, I am you) 

Welcome to the Jealousy Update. 

This episode is an update on Episode 39…where I was having a jealous moment on a Monday morning a year ago. I put it all out there in Episode 39. If you haven’t listened, give it a go. 

In this episode, I walk you through how I used the “Jealousy is a Sign Routine” to address the root cause of this jealousy.

And now I am not jealous, and there’s really nothing anyone...

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#41: Mini-Training: How to Use the Wheel of Life
#41: Mini-Training: How to Use the Wheel of Life

Hello friends….welcome to Episode 41: The Wheel of Life Mini-Training.  


This is a 30 minute episode that introduces, or perhaps RE-introduces you to one of my favorite life-coaching tools called The Wheel of Life. It’s a tool used often in the coaching industry that most of us coaches learn about in Coaching School.


This tool is a LIFE COACHING 101 Topic. It's one of the BASICS.

How can the Wheel of Life help you?


-Helps you live with INTENTION, instead of by default.

-If you are stuck, it can help uncover where you are stuck and why.

-If you need momentum, it helps you determine your next best steps to get moving.

-If you’ve been feeling “meh” and can’t figure out why, this tool helps you narrow down which parts of life you might want to focus on to start feeling better.

-If you are lost, this tool will help point you in the next right direction.

-If you are lonely, this tool can help you figure out why and what you...

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Episode 39: Have you been feeling Jealous? 5-Part Coaching Exercise to Hack Jealousy
Episode 39: Have you been feeling Jealous? 5-Part Coaching Exercise to Hack Jealousy

Ok gang, Let’s talk Jealousy.

Ewwwww. Jealousy. 

It's kind of UNCOMFORTABLE, don't you think?

Initially, yes. But I'd love to help you learn to HACK it. Want to?

Let’s just dive in and get it taken care of. I can help!!!!


Episode 39 is all about Jealousy, and why I’m SO OK with it.

Jealousy can be pretty awesome.

Dare I say, jealousy is actually helpful.

Jealousy in business.

Jealousy in friendships.

Jealousy in families.

Jealousy at work.

Jealousy about this, about that.

Jealousy about WHATEVER.

Please tune in and learn how to hack your feelings of jealousy and turn the whole jealousy thing into a personal development exercise.

I’m telling you, we can turn jealousy on it's head.

Together, let’s create a WIN around a feeling that most people feel shame, frustration and anger about.


In this episode you’ll learn:

-About a time I felt SO JEALOUS this past summer. 

-A simple 5-part coaching exercise you can use to hack...

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Episode 32: Money Clutter: What it is and How to Get Rid of It! (Money Series 4)
Episode 32: Money Clutter: What it is and How to Get Rid of It! (Money Series 4)

Helllllooo brilliant creatives.

Welcome to The Brilliant Creative Podcast, Episode 32.


  1. Money Clutter: What it is and How to Get Rid of It!


This is a good episode for you if:


-You want your money to feel more organized

-You’d like to make some changes around the way you show up around money

-You’re considering doing a little money work or money coaching, and you want to prepare for success

-You’re feeling stuck in your money life and you want to create some positive momentum

-You’ve been unintentionally late on a bill or two because of disorganization

-You want money to be different, but don’t know where to start


Listen in!


Here’s what we’re going to do in today’s podcast:


  1. I’m going to tell you I’m going to define money clutter and give some examples.
  2. You’ll get access to download a companion checklist for this podcast at, which includes a...
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Episode 21: How to let go of (or get better at) Commissioned Work in Your Creative Business



Thinking about letting go of some of your commissioned work? Maybe you want to let go of all of it? Or maybe you want more of it?


Today’s episode is all about commissions…the positives, the negatives and at the end, we’ll talk about how you can structure your commissions so they feel good to you, if you decide to keep taking them.


Who should listen to today’s episode?


Well, if you:

  • Find yourself putting your commissioned work off until the last possible minute
  • Occasionally resent doing your commissioned projects because they pull you away from other exciting projects, and you’re trying to figure out what to do about it.
  • Want more commissioned projects
  • Do mostly commissioned projects, and you want to refine your systems


You might be saying, OK Ang…I don’t feel strongly one way or the other…..I think I want something in between, some commissions, but not a steady diet of them. If...

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Episode 18: CALENDAR CONTROL Volume 1: Creating Your Ideal Workweek, Workmonth, + Workyear.


Hey friends. Welcome to Episode 18

CALENDAR CONTROL Volume 1: Creating Your Ideal Workweek, Workmonth, + Workyear.


Download the companion coaching exercise for free at


This episode is for you if you:

  • Want to be more INTENTIONAL about your calendar
  • Want to say YES to what lights you up
  • Want to say NO to what doesn’t
  • Want to make sure you take a VACATION this year
  • Want to get your calendar year ORGANIZED
  • Want to work when work feels GOOD
  • Want some inpiration around your SCHEDULE
  • Want to set time aside for SPECIAL PROJECTS
  • Need some FRESH MINDSETS around planning your workweek, workmonth and year
  • Need permission to SHIFT OUT OF THE 9-5



This episode will guide you through designing your ideal workweek, workmonth and workyear. Grab the free companion coaching exercise and push PLAY.




Links mentioned in the episode:


Wheel of Life Coaching Exercise


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Episode 14: Life Coaching 101 - The Wheel of Life



What if life felt more ON-TRACK?

What if life could feel more organized?

What if you could quickly get more intentional with your everyday life?


Sound interesting? Then you’re invited to Episode 14! 

In fact, Episode 14 is for everyone.



It’s not just for business owners, or creative people.



Everyone can use the life-coaching tool I’m gonna talk about inside this episode.


How can today’s show help you?

  • It will help you move towards having a balanced + intentional life.
  • It will help you get LIFE back on-track.
  • It will clarify your best next steps now.
  • It will get you moving in the right direction for you.


You can download today’s very helpful diagram and fill-in-the-blank questions at It’s free, fun, and easy.


This episode is REALLY HELPFUL if

you’ve gone through a big life...

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