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Episode 3: Five Shifts to Make in Your First 5 Years of Business (so you can easily attract clients that you love!)

business coaching mindset Jul 25, 2021

Hey there business friend….I know you! You love to make, build, create and design.

You’re pretty good at it….and usually you can do it pretty fast, right?

But what happens when building something doesn’t go fast enough?

Like building a business. 

Building a business you LOVE takes a while.


It takes time to get your business running the way you want it to.

It can go can happen quickly, but it can also take years. Especially if you are designing a business that really works with you and your lifestyle. 


Before we dive into this episode, listen to the mindset provided for you at the beginning. 


The mindset for today’s episode is basically the creative business version of “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Creative businesses are built bit by bit, conversation by conversation, client by client, decision by decision. Remember this when you feel behind, overwhelmed or just plain stuck. And especially remember it when you are on Instagram comparing yourself to others.


Imagine your business as a brick building.

First, you prepare a space for the foundation.

Second, you build the foundation.

Once you know the foundation is strong, you can build on top of the foundation.

First floor, second floor. 


Brick by brick.


Businesses are built brick by brick. 


It takes a while to figure it out! It takes a while to figure out what works and what doesn't. It requires that you put time into designing a business that works for you. Building a strong business foundation requires some THINKING.

How much thinking have you done?

In today’s podcast, I’m going to offer some new ways of thinking about your business. You can make these changes in your thinking RIGHT NOW! This is ‘actionable intelligence’. You can use it right away. 


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so important to get clear on who you LOVE to serve (and whether or not I like motorcycles)
  • What a clear offer is, and why you need one! (and a little about crystals)
  • Why you need to know your clients values (and how one Minnesota uses this on their website + in their language)
  • Why I want you to decide which clients you don’t want to work with
  • How knowing your competitive advantage helps you attract clients
  • and more!

Ready to press play? Here's a helpful follow along guide for today's episode! 

And hey….I want you to count on me to be your business cheerleader + your positive energy encourager. I’m here because I want you to learn from my experience, and my mistakes! When I look back at my flower shop days, I worked so much IN the business. 


We made thousands of bouquets. I sold tens of thousands flowers. Thousands of plants. About 1 million ribbons (it felt like that!). 

BUT…...I left money on the table by not working ON the business.


Wanna work ON your business? Listen in today….and start to work ON your business by working ON your thinking. These 5 shifts are foundational to having a business you love.



In this Episode:


[0:02:48] How I want you to feel when you listen to this podcast.  

[0:03:04] The focus of today’s episode, and who it’s for.

[0:05:56] I share an affirmation to get you into the right headspace for today’s episode. 

[0:07:20] Where you can download the highlight reel/show notes from today’s episode. 

[0:07:40] Why it makes such a difference to work with clients that you love.     

[0:08:35] Relying on friends and family to be your client base is a common mistake that creative business owners make when starting their business.

[0:09:35] Shift number 1: Get clear on who you want to serve (and some questions which will help you do this). 

[0:11:06] An example of a “WANTED” advert that I want you to create as your homework for today.

[0:13:27] Shift number 2: Make your offers clear.

[0:14:38] Ways that a coach can make their offers clear to their potential clients. 

[0:16:50] I use a crystal shop as another example to highlight how to make your offers clear. 

[0:20:20] When you are clear on your product and your results, pricing it is easier

[0:21:05] Shift number 3: Get clear on the value of your product or service to your client  

[0:21:48] How Loll, a company making furniture out of recyclable materials, appeals to the values of the clients they are trying to attract.   

[0:24:55] The wide variety of products that Loll makes. 

[0:26:40] Shift number 4: Get clear on who you don’t want to serve. 

[0:28:55] Shift number 5: Get clear on what your competitive advantage is. 

[0:30:14] Learn from my mistakes; work on your business rather than always working in your business.  

[0:33:05] Hear about what you will learn in the next episode of The Brilliant Creative. 


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Highlight Reel/Cheat Sheet for Today’s Episode

What people are saying about this episode:

allison johanson,

Working ON my art business!

HUGE fan already of this new podcast! I love how Angela enlightens with examples from her own creative business experiences. My favorite episode 3 take-away (and there are so many!) is to focus more energy ON my art business, instead of solely IN my business.

I fell into my painting career/business about 5 years ago, and pretty much have been winging-it. No real schedule or targeted marketing, mostly just logging lots of painting hours, and participating in the occasional art event. Sales have been OK, but I’ve been feeling a bit under-productive lately, and needing a push to try a new approach. It’s TIME for me to re-energize my business, and this podcast has inspired me to take action. So grateful for this valuable resource Angela is providing to creatives!

Thanks Allison! You can find Allison's gorgeous, large-scale abstract paintings here.

I'm completely obsessed. 🤍





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