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Episode 7: Want Your Biz to Feel Good? You need R. R. and F!


Rhythm, Routine and Flow...want some?

Welcome to Episode 7!

All about Rhythm, Routine and Flow.

What it is, why it’s helpful, and how you can get some now.


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Rhythm, Routine and Flow.

YES PLEASE!!!! I want some!

Most people are ready to have some.

Not only in their business...but in their life.

The last year and a half has been unpredictable.

We’ve been on shaky ground.

Our foundations haven’t felt solid.


But one thing you CAN do, no matter what the current masking situation is, is get yourself some R, R + F.

As a coach, I really want you to have Rhythm, Routine and Flow in your biz.

And if you need some, listen in.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • What FLOW is, what it feels like, and where it can happen.
  • Examples of where my clients have good FLOW in their business.
  • How you can get some routine, rhythm and flow in different parts of your business like your social media, your environment, your calendar, your team meetings.
  • You’ll do some pre-thinking about what rhythm, routine and flow could look like in your business
  • Example of how my clients use routines + automations to create flow
  • What gatekeeping is, and why you might want to do it
  • Why having systems is so important for you business
  • Why I want you to PICK YOUR GURU !
  • What the FAB 5 Questions are, and when you might want to use them
  • Why a Check-In Meeting with a built-in format is helpful for running a team



You’ll also:

-Rate your current rhythm, routine and flow on a scale of 1-10 (and then decide where you actually WANT to be)

-Find out what WWIT means.

-Hear about my obsession with your work ENVIRONMENT.

-Learn my thoughts on stickers. (Hint: I know who Lisa Frank is.)

-Hear a little about Dubsado.



This podcast episode could help you save time and money!!!

I’ll ask you a TELLING question about your CALENDAR.

And lastly….

Here are The Fab 5 Questions if you need a cheat sheet!

  1. What wins can we celebrate from this last week?
  2. What’s working really well right now? (In other words, what should we continue doing?)
  3. What’s not working well right now? (In other words, what should we STOP doing or MODIFY? Sometimes this question leads to….hey we need a system created for this.)
  4. What would be a great result of our week?
  5. What would be a great result of our meeting today?


If you want the deeper dive on this episode, remember to download the companion worksheet. It’s at .



Remember: Pick one thing.


If you try to do everything you will end up doing nothing, feeling horrible and that will wreck your creative energy.

Take a little from today. Take a do-able part.

You can always come back.

We will consider any tiny step you take a giant success.


So….Until next time, Happy Entrepreneuring!


Links mentioned in Episode 7

Dubsado (20% off your first year with this link)**



**I use Dubsado to help run my business more efficiently. Because I’m such a fan, I’ve become an affiliate. If you use the link above to sign up for the paid version of Dubsado, I may receive an affiliate commission.


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