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Episode 3: Five Shifts to Make in Your First 5 Years of Business (so you can easily attract clients that you love!)

business coaching mindset Jul 25, 2021

Hey there business friend….I know you! You love to make, build, create and design.

You’re pretty good at it….and usually you can do it pretty fast, right?

But what happens when building something doesn’t go fast enough?

Like building a business. 

Building a business you LOVE takes a while.


It takes time to get your business running the way you want it to.

It can go can happen quickly, but it can also take years. Especially if you are designing a business that really works with you and your lifestyle. 


Before we dive into this episode, listen to the mindset provided for you at the beginning. 


The mindset for today’s episode is basically the creative business version of “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Creative businesses are built bit by bit, conversation by conversation, client by client, decision by decision. Remember this when you feel behind, overwhelmed or just plain stuck....

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