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Episode 35: 4 Summer Workflow Tips for the Entrepreneur Moms and Dads
Episode 35: 4 Summer Workflow Tips for the Entrepreneur Moms and Dads

Hey gang. I am here to talk to the mamas and the papas out there who have just had a week or two of the kids at home for summer break.


If you’re like me, you are really feeling the kids in your space.

Previously, the space was clean and quiet.


Delightfully clean.

Delightfully quiet.


But now…the kids are home.



No matter where you are at…or what the summer dance looks like at your house this week, most of you can benefit from these workflow tips.


Ok, here we go.

I’ve got 5 tips for you.

And they are all from experience.

Extensive experience.

(They are discussed in the podcast, push play today!)

 1. Tip number one: For GOODNESS SAKES be reasonable.

Specifically, Set reasonable expectations for yourself.

Set yourself up for success by allowing yourself and the rest of the world some leeway. Give yourself a buffer. Having this mindset will help you hit the ground running instead of hitting the ground stressed, angry...

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Episode 34: Entrepreneurial Money Mindsets for Makers + Creators
Episode 34: Entrepreneurial Money Mindsets for Makers + Creators

Hey friends!!

Welcome back to the Money Series!


This is installment 6…all about entrepreneurial money mindset. It’s a short one…and there’s a beautiful pdf you can download to put at your desk or on your office board or maybe you can print it off for your entrepreneurial motivation binder.  


You put it wherever you want…but do get it, print it and put it somewhere you can see it!

It’s so helpful to have fresh and empowering mindsets in front of you…so you can see them and start to think about them and maybe even decide you’ll adopt some of these mindsets for your own.


You can find today’s free list of mindsets at

It’s all ready and waiting for you!


You know, if you are the head honcho at your office/business/studio….you have a BIG task to take care of that most others aren’t even thinking about.

The big task is managing your thoughts.

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Episode 8: TBC Pop-Up Show Prep Class. Let's go!

makers pop-up-shows Aug 23, 2021

Hello hello everyone, welcome to Episode 8!

“Pop-Up Show Prep Class. Let’s Go!”


Attention all makers!! This episode could be for you!!

Anyone who goes to shows...pop-ups, fall festivals, art shows, craft shows, junk hunts, occasional shops...if that’s you, tune in to episode 8.


Whether you go to big shows or small show, today’s episode is going to get you ready for your next show. It’s like a show prep workshop.

And you even get a workbook. For free.

A free workbook. I can’t even.

This is the real deal friends!!

We’ll assess your last show, capture the learning, and help you make plans for the next show so you can feel confident about it. Purposeful, even.


Here’s how to listen to this episode:


Ideally, you listen to it twice. First, just listen and think.

Second, listen with our little workbook.


The workbook that goes with this episode is called, “Things Ya Better Know after...

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Episode 6: 76K Instagram followers + a craft cottage on the lake shore: meet Missy! (Part 2)


Who’s ready to love in the Land of Possibility?

Loving your work, having your own business, being in charge of your own calendar, and being your own’s all possible.


I’ve done it. My clients do it. My friend Missy here has done it. Why not you?


In Episode 6, Titled “Missy, Part 2”, you’ll learn what it’s like to have your creative business dreams come true. And I hope, through this chat, that you will see what’s possible.


In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How MIssy manages her very creative brain...and all those ideas
  • What Missy’s creative process is
  • Two very common places you can get some brilliant ideas!
  • How Missy was selected by Michael’s Crafts to be a “Michaels Maker”
  • What product Missy LOVES to keep her craft room organized and on-track
  • How she uses a small team to create a TON of stuff
  • When Missy’s company first made a profit
  • Missy’s busiest...
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Episode 5: 76K Instagram followers + a craft cottage on the lake shore: meet Missy! (Part 1)



Ever wonder what it would be like to quit your dayjob (even if you love it) and do something you feel CALLED to do? (Some of you are like, “Ummm...hellloooo, that’s why I’m listening to this podcast Ang….)


Like literally going from the 9-5 corporate job to having your very own lake home with a separate craft cottage for your creative business???? 


You probably know it as making your side hustle your main hustle?

(Although I wish we could remove the word hustle...but that’s a whole different podcast.)  


Ever wonder what it would be like to go from ZERO Instagram Followers to 76,000???


I mean…..WHAT????

Who does that???

Missy Lukkonen does. 

And you guys…..this girl….don’t even get me started!!! 

This girl is the REAL DEAL you guys!!!





She has had amazing success and she has the BEST...

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