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48. The Entrepreneurs' Wheel of Work© Series: Two of my Favorite Systems for Service-Based Entrepreneurs
48. The Entrepreneurs' Wheel of Work© Series: Two of my Favorite Systems for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Learn about 2 helpful systems to have in place if you are a service-based entrepreneur.
First, a gatekeeping document so you can make sure you have the right clients for your business, and second, Dubsado a CRM system that helps save time, brainpower, energy and money. We use the example of an interior designer/builder to flesh out this awesome topic. Systems!!

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#43. Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©
#43. Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©

Welcome to Episode 43: Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©


Today’s episode introduces you to one of my favorite business coaching tools, the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©, or EWOW. 


This tool helps you:

-focus and get intentional about your business

-leave your emotions at the door when making big business decisions

-prioritize your next best steps easily

-feel confident you are focused on the next best step for you and your business

-make more money in less time

-get better at being a business owner

-get better at leading a team

-experience more joy + satisfaction in your business

-have a workflow that works for you

Is it easier for you to barrel through your day and just “get it done”…as opposed to stepping back for an hour or two and reflecting on how it could be done faster, better and with less stress on you..the owner? If that’s you…you’ll like this episode, and the next 17!!!

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Episode 7: Want Your Biz to Feel Good? You need R. R. and F!


Rhythm, Routine and Flow...want some?

Welcome to Episode 7!

All about Rhythm, Routine and Flow.

What it is, why it’s helpful, and how you can get some now.


Get the full mojo from this episode, by downloading this episode's companion worksheet.

Find that here--->


Rhythm, Routine and Flow.

YES PLEASE!!!! I want some!

Most people are ready to have some.

Not only in their business...but in their life.

The last year and a half has been unpredictable.

We’ve been on shaky ground.

Our foundations haven’t felt solid.


But one thing you CAN do, no matter what the current masking situation is, is get yourself some R, R + F.

As a coach, I really want you to have Rhythm, Routine and Flow in your biz.

And if you need some, listen in.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • What FLOW is, what it feels like, and where it can happen.
  • Examples of where my clients have good FLOW in their business.
  • How you can get...
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