If you're looking for a place to talk business with entrepreneurs just like you, to become empowered with new mindsets, to share your journey, to experience forward momentum... 

That's GLOW!

You have found your people.

GLOW is a group coaching experience where you get confident about your business. GLOW is where you develop into your best business self.

What does that look like for you? Not sure?
We can help!


Hi, I'm Ang.

After 23 years of starting, owning, and running multiple businesses, I've learned some things that work really well. 

I created GLOW because I believe we shine brightest when we know who we are, what we believe in, and where we are going. I love helping people figure out how to love their work and love their life.

Join us, wont you?

GLOW is for YOU if you're looking for...


GLOW offers weekly calls and a community to help keep you accountable to your business goals.


GLOW will help you get organized, find clarity, and create focus through business trainings.


GLOW will help you gain and maintain momentum with mindset, calendar control, + teaching you coaching skills so you can get out of your own way. 

Here's what members are saying!

"GLOW is a community of amazing, inspirational women to help support you while you’re building and living out your dreams and purpose."

Katie Quade
Balanced Roots Retreats

"Things happen in this group! You won’t be disappointed. Seriously.... so much greatness—after the calls I feel so completely energized! I know what I need to do next."

Tammi Krone

"After our GLOW calls I feel connected to the GLOW community of creatives (especially now more than ever during COVID), I feel determined to set goals and put time aside to work on my business and personal/work boundaries, I feel inspired to plan and grow as a business owner."

Amanda Cane Spilde
JaneCane Photography

"The one thing I would say is: Get ready to be So Busy that you cannot reply to your business coach for TWO DAYS when she sends you a text—lol! I am on the verge... yes verge, it hasn’t happened yet but it’s in the works of a sale that will net me a $100,010.00 profit. One sale. Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help me understand business relationships, peoples currency, and how to know what is of value to them."

Suzi Vandersteen
Kitchee Gammi Design Co.

"GLOW is all the joy of working with Ang + a community of cool, motivated, & driven people! "

Carli Rae Vergamini
Crave by CRV

"GLOW is an amazing group of women entrepreneurs where ideas are planted, success is celebrated, support is plentiful, and laughter is guaranteed!"

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