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Episode 4: Five Money Blocks You Might Have that are In Your Way (and how to get rid of them)


Ok friends. Here we go.


Welcome to The Brilliant Creative, Episode 4! 


I feel the need for an extra WELCOME today because...well, I want you to 

REALLY FEEL welcome today.


Today I want you to feel super welcome...and I want you to feel all the love around the topic we’re diving into today. It’s a topic lots of creatives (and lots of other people for that matter!) feel less than comfortable with. It’s money.


You guys!!! This is a good one. This episode shows you a little of my heart and soul for creatives. I want you guys to be awesome at money. 

The first step is to LISTEN to a conversation about it.
Let yourself listen and consider.


The first step is to let yourself consider that it is possible for you and money to be pals.

Yes! You could be pals, buddies, friends. 

Maybe even good friends.

I mean, WHAT IF YOU COULD?????


And what if it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be?



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