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Episode 9: 5 Ways Coaching Can Help Your Business

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2021


Hey, are you wondering if coaching can help you in your business?

Or if coaching can help you start a business???'s HIGHLY LIKELY it can.

Coaching can help you do pretty much anything you want to do.


And when I say HIGHLY LIKELY, I’m thinkin’ there’s a 99% chance coaching CAN help.

Those are pretty good odds.

It depends on you, your biz, where you are, what’s currently in your way, and what results you’re looking for.


Here are 10 Things You’ll Learn in Episode 9:

  1. A little about my background...way back to my teaching days
  2. How I got the money to start a flower shop
  3. How my floral team + I were involved when Hollywood came to the Twin Ports
  4. How being an achiever can actually take a toll
  5. How coaching helped me as a brick + mortar shop owner + employer
  6. How I learned + trained to be a coach while still owning a busy flower shop
  7. Which sneaky MONEY BLOCK that was in my way and how I changed it
  8. What a limiting belief is, and why you want to remove them
  9. Types of coaching tools that help my clients
  10.  How coaches help uplevel your community + your connections


Wanna learn what it feels like to have a coach?

Listen in.

And listen especially close to hear why the heck my husband told me,”GIDDYUP! Whatcha waitin’ for??”


And lastly...I’m gonna talk about JUDGEMENT. Because I know it’s one reason you haven’t gotten coaching yet, even though you really want to.


TUNE IN. Episode 9 is a great one for the founders, the business owners, the creatives….the people who want help getting to the next level. 


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