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Episode 4: Five Money Blocks You Might Have that are In Your Way (and how to get rid of them)


Ok friends. Here we go.


Welcome to The Brilliant Creative, Episode 4! 


I feel the need for an extra WELCOME today because...well, I want you to 

REALLY FEEL welcome today.


Today I want you to feel super welcome...and I want you to feel all the love around the topic we’re diving into today. It’s a topic lots of creatives (and lots of other people for that matter!) feel less than comfortable with. It’s money.


You guys!!! This is a good one. This episode shows you a little of my heart and soul for creatives. I want you guys to be awesome at money. 

The first step is to LISTEN to a conversation about it.
Let yourself listen and consider.


The first step is to let yourself consider that it is possible for you and money to be pals.

Yes! You could be pals, buddies, friends. 

Maybe even good friends.

I mean, WHAT IF YOU COULD?????


And what if it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be?


Even if you are nowhere close to that, especially if you are nowhere close to that, listen in to Episode 4. I’m betting you will learn something new. 

I’m betting you will be exposed to fresh ways of thinking about money that you have never even heard of before.  


It’s hard to improve something if you ignore it.

Or constantly set it aside. 

Or always let someone else take the reigns.

I’m here to tell you if that’s your current M.O., that’s not a long term strategy for designing a business that works. 


YOU GUYS!!! Give me 33 minutes of your time. 

Let me love you up a bit around money.

Yep, I said LOVE.


I think we need to love people around money.

We need way more LOVE around money, and less shame, less judgement, less negative energy, less tension. 

Creatives are often highly feeling individuals...right? 

You guys tend to lean into your emotion (which is often where your brilliant art comes from!)

But for money...we need to figure out how to have a little less old and negative emotion around it.

We need to get emotion OUT of money and money decisions.

We need to look at it in a new light.

I think we, as a society, need to get WAY BETTER at money.


Clearly, I’ve got some thoughts about money. 

I feel so strongly about it that I got a certification in Money Coaching.

And I really LOVE helping creatives with money.

Actually, I love helping anyone with their relationship with money.


Join me for Episode 4. Start the conversation in your own mind. 

Because every now and then, I’ll be hopping back in with episodes that include thoughts, mindsets, and practical day-to-day money coaching. 

I will often weave a money thread through the podcast episode topics we put out over this next year.

Start here and let me be part of your money conversation. 

I promise to be a GOOD and EMPOWERING and POSITIVE and HOPEFUL part of your money thinking. 

Won’t you come along?


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Definition of a money block
  • The 5 limiting beliefs that could be delaying your success
  • A step-by-step method to start to rid yourself of money blocks
  • How to become aware of your possible limiting beliefs
  • What strategy you can use to get back on track when negative thoughts come
  • New, empowering money mindsets that can serve as an “antidote” to your current thinking



You’ll hear about how changing your thinking around money can change your results around money.


You’ll get a simple method you can use now to retrain your brain with new money mindsets.


You’ll find out how to let go of the 5 money blocks that might be in your way.


You’ll receive some simple homework (no download this week!) so you can start to shift out of disempowering money thoughts and into thoughts that propel you forward. 



Choose 2 or 3 new mindsets from this episode you’d like to adopt. Write them, print them, paint them, doodle them, calligraphy them….on a piece of paper. Put the new mindsets in a place you will see them these next few months. Read them, see them, think about them. We want you to be exposed to them. They should feel good. They should feel empowering. 


Note...If they don’t feel good and empowering, make sure to listen to the beginning episode 7 where I talk about what to do if the new mindset/s you THINK you want to have don’t feel good to say. I’ve got the fix for episode 7.


In this Episode:

[00:02:15] Honestly, I think we all should get good at talking about money.

[00:04:08 ] If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable with talking about money, I encourage you to explore that discomfort. 

[00:05:41] You will learn about five common money blocks that could be holding your creative business back, and what to do about them.

[00:05:57] Have you had any of these thoughts towards money? Then, you are in the right place, listening to the right episode.

[00:08:21] I want you to have powerful beliefs around money that serve you.

[00:11:12] First, change the way you think. Change your thinking and you can change your results.

[00:12:01] What is a money block?

[00:13:35] These are examples of common money blocks that can be in your beliefs without you realizing it.

[00:16:13] I tell you the process we will use to discuss money blocks and replace the limiting beliefs.

[00:17:10] Decide to be in control of your financial life.

[00:18:15] Like any relationship, if you “hate” money, you’ll avoid it.

[00:20:04 ] Money doesn’t need to be hard. 

[00:21:49] Here are more empowering ways to think about being in a good relationship with money.

[00:23:25] Let go of thinking that having money connects to a negative identity.

[00:25:03] You deserve to feel stress free around money, while being celebrated for your creativity.

[00:26:53] Here’s what you should do with these new empowering mindsets to bring in your new thinking.

[00:29:05] Did you recognize some of the limiting beliefs you want to let go of?

[00:30:44] Can you see how it’s possible to show up differently around money?

[00:31:34] Money Love Bootcamp Info + Waitlist Link (see below)

[0:32:05] Hear about what you will learn in the next episode of The Brilliant Creative. 


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