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Episode 5: 76K Instagram followers + a craft cottage on the lake shore: meet Missy! (Part 1)



Ever wonder what it would be like to quit your dayjob (even if you love it) and do something you feel CALLED to do? (Some of you are like, “Ummm...hellloooo, that’s why I’m listening to this podcast Ang….)


Like literally going from the 9-5 corporate job to having your very own lake home with a separate craft cottage for your creative business???? 


You probably know it as making your side hustle your main hustle?

(Although I wish we could remove the word hustle...but that’s a whole different podcast.)  


Ever wonder what it would be like to go from ZERO Instagram Followers to 76,000???


I mean…..WHAT????

Who does that???

Missy Lukkonen does. 

And you guys…..this girl….don’t even get me started!!! 

This girl is the REAL DEAL you guys!!!





She has had amazing success and she has the BEST ATTITUDE.

She has the attitude and soul of a BRILLIANT CREATIVE!! 


She is the first to say when something ISN’T WORKING.

She is the first to try and FIGURE IT OUT.


She compliments others when they make GREAT THINGS HAPPEN! 

She is a sister, and a daughter, and a mom, and a wife, and a friend to many.


And wow is she a CRAFTER.

Creative to the core. 


I’m grateful to be one of the members of her team. Missy and I have been coaching on and off for the last few years. How lucky I am that we crossed paths. Her story is awesome...and she’s an inspiration.  I love our connection...and I truly love her heart for her clients, her creative soul and her beautiful business. 


Join me as we learn about Missy Lukkonnen from The Little Green Bean!!! Press Play! 



Here’s what you’ll learn in Episode 5 of The Brilliant Creative:


●      Missy’s inspiring story...from Maurices Corporate Office to a Craft Cottage on her very own Lakeshore

●      Etsy Shop or your OWN Business Website? 

●      Craft Shows or Online Sales?

●      What if feels like to work in your Zone of Genius pretty much all the time

●      What kind of mindset Missy suggests having about Instagram now

●      Missy’s thoughts on Inspiration...and full blown copying (Hint: N.A.F.)

●      Instagram Collaboration Thoughts

●      Where she finds the MOST JOY in her business

●      How long it took for Missy’s husband Mike to quit his job and work FT in the family business

●      Missy’s thoughts on the future of art shows, craft shows, holiday shows and pop-up shows (Show Go-ers: Get your Show Prep Freebie Here!)

●      TEAM MEMBERS and how they help

●      Thoughts on Shopify (hint: SHE LOVES!)

●      How business coaching has been helpful to her business growth 


We’ll chat about:

-The most recent gift shopping trends

-Where we see the maker and handmade movement going

-With 76K Instagram followers, Missy has some thoughts on your Instagram attitude! Join us and find out what she has to say!




And so much more, if you’re a person who tends to use the hashtag #makersgonnamake….join us for Episode 5, which is Missy, Part 1. We are YOUR PEOPLE!!!


And sheesh...this is just PART ONE!!!



Links mentioned in this episode: 


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The Little Green Bean (Missy’s biz!):


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Duluth Winter Village:


Bayfront Art Fair:


Glensheen Mansion Duluth:


Maurices Corporation:


Duluth Loves Local (BIG HEARTS for THESE PEOPLE)




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