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Episode 39: Have you been feeling Jealous? 5-Part Coaching Exercise to Hack Jealousy
Episode 39: Have you been feeling Jealous? 5-Part Coaching Exercise to Hack Jealousy

Ok gang, Let’s talk Jealousy.

Ewwwww. Jealousy. 

It's kind of UNCOMFORTABLE, don't you think?

Initially, yes. But I'd love to help you learn to HACK it. Want to?

Let’s just dive in and get it taken care of. I can help!!!!


Episode 39 is all about Jealousy, and why I’m SO OK with it.

Jealousy can be pretty awesome.

Dare I say, jealousy is actually helpful.

Jealousy in business.

Jealousy in friendships.

Jealousy in families.

Jealousy at work.

Jealousy about this, about that.

Jealousy about WHATEVER.

Please tune in and learn how to hack your feelings of jealousy and turn the whole jealousy thing into a personal development exercise.

I’m telling you, we can turn jealousy on it's head.

Together, let’s create a WIN around a feeling that most people feel shame, frustration and anger about.


In this episode you’ll learn:

-About a time I felt SO JEALOUS this past summer. 

-A simple 5-part coaching exercise you can use to hack...

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Episode 17: The Art of a Lovely Holiday Gathering with Katie Quade


Getting ready for the Holidays?

Are you excited for your holiday gatherings...or are you feeling a little stressed?

It’s a unique time to be planning parties, and also an interesting time to be attending them. We are precariously perched between what happened these last years and what’s coming up next. It’s a time to really consider, at a minimum, what we want to get out of our holiday celebrations.

If you want to get the best out of this year’s holiday events, listen in to Episode 17!


Katie Quade, from Balanced Roots Retreats is here to talk about what it looks like to plan a gathering that feels really good. Get ready to gather, connect, and have great conversations at your next party...whether you’re a guest or the host. 


Take time to get clear on what you need this holiday season.

What will fill your cup this year?

What does your family need?

If you’re hosting, let us help you with a fresh mindset and some simple...

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That's GLOW!

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