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Episode 8: TBC Pop-Up Show Prep Class. Let's go!

makers pop-up-shows Aug 23, 2021

Hello hello everyone, welcome to Episode 8!

“Pop-Up Show Prep Class. Let’s Go!”


Attention all makers!! This episode could be for you!!

Anyone who goes to shows...pop-ups, fall festivals, art shows, craft shows, junk hunts, occasional shops...if that’s you, tune in to episode 8.


Whether you go to big shows or small show, today’s episode is going to get you ready for your next show. It’s like a show prep workshop.

And you even get a workbook. For free.

A free workbook. I can’t even.

This is the real deal friends!!

We’ll assess your last show, capture the learning, and help you make plans for the next show so you can feel confident about it. Purposeful, even.


Here’s how to listen to this episode:


Ideally, you listen to it twice. First, just listen and think.

Second, listen with our little workbook.


The workbook that goes with this episode is called, “Things Ya Better Know after your Pop-Up Show (and before the next one)”


Get your free downloadable copy here and get it printed!


What you’ll learn:

  • A new mindset to have while working ON your business
  • How a show benefits your business (other than money)
  • A simple calculation for your show’s bottom line
  • That the money is in the REFLECTION
  • 3 ways you could bring your team in to help you assess
  • What you want to do for your next show
  • What you don’t want to do for your next show
  • What you want to be different for your next show
  • Specific ideas, tips + thoughts on being successful at a show



And hey, can you start believing this? It’s a mindset I’d like you to consider.


“My business gets easier when I work smart.

Using coaching tools to create awareness and then make informed business decisions is how I want to run my business.

As a brilliant creative, I let myself reflect and think.

I’m not just running on a hamster wheel, but instead know

why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I am purposeful.”


Join me for a step-by-step walkthrough of your last show, and feel how easy it is to coach yourself into having a great show experience this year.


Get your printout, your Pentel mechanical pencil (of course), a tall glass of water, and a quiet space and enjoy preparing for your next show. Enjoy!


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