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Episode 20: 20 Ideas for Incorporating Flowers, Plants + Greens in Your Home Office

Friends!!! Welcome to what will probably be one of my fave episodes ever.


This episode is for the plant lovers, the almost plant lover, the non-green thumbs, the green thumbs, the all thumbs. No matter where you are in your plant and flower life, here’s some inspiration for you and your office!


As a former floral boutique owner, I’ve got a LOT of info to share. Today’s episode has a simple cheatsheet for you to print off…and it’s a ONE PAGER. You can get it HERE.


Wondering if this episode is for you?


It is if:

You want some quick and easy fresh ideas for your office.

You want to hear from a person who has extensive knowledge about all things flowers, plants and greens.

You need some inspiration and you don’t have a lot of time to put into deciding what you want.


It’s a great episode for you if you have plants and they’re starting to take over your office.

It’s also a great episode for you if you...

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