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#42.5 How to Use Coaching Questions + Techniques to Find Out How School is ACTUALLY Going for Your Young Person

coaching family mompreneur Oct 06, 2023
#42.5 How to Use Coaching Questions + Techniques to Find Out How School is ACTUALLY Going for Your Young Person

#42.5: How to Use Coaching Questions + Techniques to Find Out How School is ACTUALLY Going for Your Young Person

I believe this---->We’ve got to get better at communicating with our kids about their learning + education.

This episode talks about how we are communicating this year about HOW SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY GOING for our young people using a Sunday Night School Check-In Meeting. 


Here’s the Meeting Template I discuss in this episode.

Copy + Paste and pass it on!


Sunday/Monday Night School Meeting Template

First, create a safe and inviting space for your student to share information.

Second, let them know you'd like to be a supportive part of their academics this year. You'd like to have weekly check-ins where they can connect with you on school and life.

Third, let them choose the best time for them to have their meeting.

(Because people support what they create, so let them do some of the creating. ) 

Fourth, ask them to answer the...

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Episode 22: 27 Things to Work on with Your Coach

coaching Jan 24, 2022

Hey gang…welcome to Episode 22, 27 Things to Work on With Your Coach.


The purpose of today’s episode is to help you think about what your coach could do for you these next couple of months. 

What part of your biz needs a little zshuzsh? A little shining? A little refining?

Want some ideas? 

Maybe some part of your life needs a little extra? 


Friends, I’ve got some ideas for you. I literally have a list of over 400 ideas. But I won’t do 400 today…I’m streamlining to 27. That seems like plenty for one episode. 


This episode is for you if:

     You or your biz got a little off track during Covid.

     You have coaching sessions you want to get back to.

     You need to feel some momentum somewhere, anywhere!

     You want to get focused again. 

     You want to start coaching, and want some ideas of what you could...

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Episode 19: 2021 Year in Review Business Workshop


Hey gang!! Get ready...this episode is a big one!

I wanna invite you to join me today for a workshop.

And when I say workshop, I mean, there’s gonna be a workbook, and working, and learning.

An End of 2021 Business Review Workshop.

It’s my Happy New Year Gift to all the entrepreneurs listening out there.

This is ONE THING I DID NOT DO when I had a flower shop and it is one reason I left MONEY ON THE TABLE.


This workshop is for brilliant entrepreneurs.

For shop owners, coaches, makers, creatives, non-creative, entrepreneurs with one, two and three businesses.


Who should listen in and do the workshop?

Welp...if you want to:

  • Figure out what direction you want to take in 2022
  • Decide what it’s time to let go of
  • Decide what it’s time to grab onto
  • Celebrate what you DID DO in 2021
  • Identify your next best steps now
  • Feel confident about your biz in 2022


What will it do for you?

  • Systematically gather info from all parts of your biz
  • ...
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Episode 9: 5 Ways Coaching Can Help Your Business

coaching Aug 30, 2021


Hey, are you wondering if coaching can help you in your business?

Or if coaching can help you start a business???'s HIGHLY LIKELY it can.

Coaching can help you do pretty much anything you want to do.


And when I say HIGHLY LIKELY, I’m thinkin’ there’s a 99% chance coaching CAN help.

Those are pretty good odds.

It depends on you, your biz, where you are, what’s currently in your way, and what results you’re looking for.


Here are 10 Things You’ll Learn in Episode 9:

  1. A little about my background...way back to my teaching days
  2. How I got the money to start a flower shop
  3. How my floral team + I were involved when Hollywood came to the Twin Ports
  4. How being an achiever can actually take a toll
  5. How coaching helped me as a brick + mortar shop owner + employer
  6. How I learned + trained to be a coach while still owning a busy flower shop
  7. Which sneaky MONEY BLOCK that was in my way and how I changed it
  8. What a...
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