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Episode 27: Distracted Much? 10 Prompts to GET FOCUSED RN!! (Right now!)

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

Hey gang….I’m here today to talk to the DISTRACTED business owner.

Is that you?

There are a LOT of things for you to get distracted with. I know. OOOFF, I know!


I know about this space.  If you own or have ever owned a business, this is a place where we business owners can lose time and energy. And we can lose focus here.


You know, when you aren’t clear about your own branding, or your own products, or your own workday in general it’s way easier to LET yourself be distracted.


If you don’t have clarity around your own plan, your own program…It’s much easier to look at someone else’s instagram feed as opposed to creating your own posts. Is it easier to read someone else’s blogs/articles instead of writing your own? If this is you….listen in.


There is definitely a time and place for being distracted, until it gets in the way of accomplishing your business goals. Tuning into...

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Episode 26: What do You Mean You Don't Know About Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning?


Hey there friends!!! Welcome to Episode 26 of The Brilliant Creative Podcast, What do you mean you don’t know about Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning?


In this episode I’ll teach you all about Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning which is a powerful morning routine that you can customize to fit your current morning routine needs.


This episode is for you if:

You find yourself fumbling in the morning and you’re ready to instead, hit the ground running.

You wake up and have negative or debilitating thoughts running through your mind those first minutes of the day and you’re ready to take control of that.

You feel like you know you could be taking advantage of your morning energy but you don’t know how.

You’ve heard about powerful morning routines and you want to hear about one that works.


Today’s episode is for you whether you have a business or not. If everyone used Hal’s Miracle Morning Routine the world...

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Episode 25: The 30 - Day One Goal Focus Technique

goals Feb 21, 2022

Hello, hello brilliant entrepreneurs!

Welcome to Episode 25: 30-day One-Sheet-One-Goal Technique.

Today I want to help you get focused on ONE THING.

Can you tell me, is this you right now?? 

It’s the beginning of the year and you want to do ALL THE THINGS!

Because YOU CAN.

So your list is big and your brain is ON FIRE.

And you’re so excited!!!

Which is great, and then…it’s time to put all of your excitement into action.

Which requires setting some goals, and breaking them down into smaller parts.


So you don’t start. 

And then you feel bad that you didn’t start. 

And now you’re spiraling a bit.

And then you feel paralyzed. 

And stuck. 

And there’s a whole lot of time wasted inside your head. 

It’s hard to make decisions. 

And you don’t get a dang thing done. 

Does that resonate?
If so, it's ok. It's a...
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Episode 24: Entrepreneur Chat with Multipassionate Creative & Owner of 3 Businesses Bailey Aro Hutchence


Welcome to Episode 24!

“Entrepreneur Chat with Multipassionate Creative and Owner of 3 Businesses, Bailey Aro Hutchence.”


This chat can help you all through the entrepreneurial hard parts and the stuck parts….for those of you in ANY stage of business. Whether it’s opening your first business, your second, or even your third; tune in. You’ll benefit from YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE in today’s episode!


Today’s Podcast is for you if:


A- You’re currently feeling stuck and alone because it’s lonely at the top and you want to feel like someone gets you….and has been where you are.

B- You want to hear from someone who has started and runs 3 solid businesses while still taking time off to travel, write, and go deep with special projects and planning.

C- You want to hear from someone who THINKS BIG!!

D- You have a business, and you need some KEEP GOING energy!!!

E- You want to hear what...

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Episode 23: Entrepreneur Chat with Watercolor + Urban Sketch Artist Sam Nielsen



Sam is a shining example of a brilliant creative!!!!

I love everything about her story, her business, and her journey from teacher to full-time artist and stay-at-home mama!  And I very much love her heart. Her heart leads everything she does. Her heart is at the core of her family, her schedule, her business, her words and of course, her art.


Here’s what we dive into on today’s podcast:


  1. What it really looks like to have a successful art studio run from your home.
  2. Multiple income streams in an art business
  4. What discipline looks like when you are in charge of YOU, YOUR BRAND, YOUR INCOME
  5. Why ya gotta get friendly with failure, and know that crickets are OK
  6. Seeing the signs + listening to the voice, your intuition, + hearing the Holy Spirit
  7. It’s ok to STUMBLE!!!!! Stumble away. Please.
  8. Having a baby + becoming a mama in the middle of having a successful business


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Episode 22: 27 Things to Work on with Your Coach

coaching Jan 24, 2022

Hey gang…welcome to Episode 22, 27 Things to Work on With Your Coach.


The purpose of today’s episode is to help you think about what your coach could do for you these next couple of months. 

What part of your biz needs a little zshuzsh? A little shining? A little refining?

Want some ideas? 

Maybe some part of your life needs a little extra? 


Friends, I’ve got some ideas for you. I literally have a list of over 400 ideas. But I won’t do 400 today…I’m streamlining to 27. That seems like plenty for one episode. 


This episode is for you if:

     You or your biz got a little off track during Covid.

     You have coaching sessions you want to get back to.

     You need to feel some momentum somewhere, anywhere!

     You want to get focused again. 

     You want to start coaching, and want some ideas of what you could...

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Episode 21: How to let go of (or get better at) Commissioned Work in Your Creative Business



Thinking about letting go of some of your commissioned work? Maybe you want to let go of all of it? Or maybe you want more of it?


Today’s episode is all about commissions…the positives, the negatives and at the end, we’ll talk about how you can structure your commissions so they feel good to you, if you decide to keep taking them.


Who should listen to today’s episode?


Well, if you:

  • Find yourself putting your commissioned work off until the last possible minute
  • Occasionally resent doing your commissioned projects because they pull you away from other exciting projects, and you’re trying to figure out what to do about it.
  • Want more commissioned projects
  • Do mostly commissioned projects, and you want to refine your systems


You might be saying, OK Ang…I don’t feel strongly one way or the other…..I think I want something in between, some commissions, but not a steady diet of them. If...

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Episode 20: 20 Ideas for Incorporating Flowers, Plants + Greens in Your Home Office

Friends!!! Welcome to what will probably be one of my fave episodes ever.


This episode is for the plant lovers, the almost plant lover, the non-green thumbs, the green thumbs, the all thumbs. No matter where you are in your plant and flower life, here’s some inspiration for you and your office!


As a former floral boutique owner, I’ve got a LOT of info to share. Today’s episode has a simple cheatsheet for you to print off…and it’s a ONE PAGER. You can get it HERE.


Wondering if this episode is for you?


It is if:

You want some quick and easy fresh ideas for your office.

You want to hear from a person who has extensive knowledge about all things flowers, plants and greens.

You need some inspiration and you don’t have a lot of time to put into deciding what you want.


It’s a great episode for you if you have plants and they’re starting to take over your office.

It’s also a great episode for you if you...

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Episode 19: 2021 Year in Review Business Workshop


Hey gang!! Get ready...this episode is a big one!

I wanna invite you to join me today for a workshop.

And when I say workshop, I mean, there’s gonna be a workbook, and working, and learning.

An End of 2021 Business Review Workshop.

It’s my Happy New Year Gift to all the entrepreneurs listening out there.

This is ONE THING I DID NOT DO when I had a flower shop and it is one reason I left MONEY ON THE TABLE.


This workshop is for brilliant entrepreneurs.

For shop owners, coaches, makers, creatives, non-creative, entrepreneurs with one, two and three businesses.


Who should listen in and do the workshop?

Welp...if you want to:

  • Figure out what direction you want to take in 2022
  • Decide what it’s time to let go of
  • Decide what it’s time to grab onto
  • Celebrate what you DID DO in 2021
  • Identify your next best steps now
  • Feel confident about your biz in 2022


What will it do for you?

  • Systematically gather info from all parts of your biz
  • ...
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Episode 18: CALENDAR CONTROL Volume 1: Creating Your Ideal Workweek, Workmonth, + Workyear.


Hey friends. Welcome to Episode 18

CALENDAR CONTROL Volume 1: Creating Your Ideal Workweek, Workmonth, + Workyear.


Download the companion coaching exercise for free at


This episode is for you if you:

  • Want to be more INTENTIONAL about your calendar
  • Want to say YES to what lights you up
  • Want to say NO to what doesn’t
  • Want to make sure you take a VACATION this year
  • Want to get your calendar year ORGANIZED
  • Want to work when work feels GOOD
  • Want some inpiration around your SCHEDULE
  • Want to set time aside for SPECIAL PROJECTS
  • Need some FRESH MINDSETS around planning your workweek, workmonth and year
  • Need permission to SHIFT OUT OF THE 9-5



This episode will guide you through designing your ideal workweek, workmonth and workyear. Grab the free companion coaching exercise and push PLAY.




Links mentioned in the episode:


Wheel of Life Coaching Exercise


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