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Episode 6: 76K Instagram followers + a craft cottage on the lake shore: meet Missy! (Part 2)


Who’s ready to love in the Land of Possibility?

Loving your work, having your own business, being in charge of your own calendar, and being your own’s all possible.


I’ve done it. My clients do it. My friend Missy here has done it. Why not you?


In Episode 6, Titled “Missy, Part 2”, you’ll learn what it’s like to have your creative business dreams come true. And I hope, through this chat, that you will see what’s possible.


In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How MIssy manages her very creative brain...and all those ideas
  • What Missy’s creative process is
  • Two very common places you can get some brilliant ideas!
  • How Missy was selected by Michael’s Crafts to be a “Michaels Maker”
  • What product Missy LOVES to keep her craft room organized and on-track
  • How she uses a small team to create a TON of stuff
  • When Missy’s company first made a profit
  • Missy’s busiest month as a maker


Also, learn the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant...and if you’re serious about business, why you want BOTH professionals on your team.


Lastly….We hear what kinds of boundaries Missy finds helpful in her “at home” business.

We get to know what her planning days look like, and what happens during a restock.

Find out what Missy attributes her success to….and what she does to be super-efficient.


(Hint: It starts with a B and ends with ATCHING !!!)


When a creative biz has 76K+ Instagram followers, they are doing something right. Come and learn what’s working, what doesn’t always work, and what’s next for this very Brilliant Creative!!!


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