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Episode 28: Get Your Business Unstuck with these Three Magical Words

Uncategorized May 02, 2022
Episode 28: Get Your Business Unstuck with these Three Magical Words

Helllllooo lovely people!

Welcome to The Brilliant Creative Podcast Episode 28!

Episode 28: Get Your Business Unstuck with these Three Magical Words


Before I go on, lemme tell ya what we’re going to do in today’s short podcast so you can decide if this one's for you.

  1. I’m going to tell you it’s ok if you are stuck. Lots of business owners are stuck, feeling aimless, and wondering about their purpose right now.
  2. I’m going to share a magical sentence starter I use for myself or for my clients when they want to get unstuck and MOVING.
  3. I’ll give you lots of examples, because I know you love examples. I know this because you tell me….AND, when I listen to podcasts I LOVE examples. It helps me relate the teaching to my business and life.
  4. I’m going to gently suggest, if you like this sentence starter you put it up in front of you where you’ll see it.


That’s it gang. This is a quick, focused episode. Sound good? If so, listen in!


What you’ll learn:

  •  Why it’s ok and very normal that you’d feel stuck right now
  •  What do DO this minute if you are stuck
  •  Some quick mindsets to shift into if you are stuck
  •  How to use the AT A MINIMUM sentence starter
  •  Examples of where to use the phrase At A Minimum
  •  Examples of when to use the phrase At a Minimum
  •  How to get your space working for you, even if it’s a complete disaster
  •  What a week of AT A MINIMUM could look like for you
  •  Why perfectionists like this simple sentence starter
  •  How it can help with email and google docs
  •  How your closet and kitchen can benefit from “At a Min”



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See you next time, creatives. And remember, You are capable, You are able, and You are strong. You can create, build, make, plan and execute anything you choose to.

It’s easy for you to be brilliant!!!


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