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Episode 29: What’s a Money Block and Why Should You Care? (Money Series 1)

Uncategorized May 09, 2022
Episode 29: What’s a Money Block and Why Should You Care? (Money Series 1)

Hey there Business Friends!


Welcome to The Brilliant Creative Episode 29:

What’s a Money Block and Why Should You Care?


Before we begin, let’s find out: IS THIS EPISODE FOR YOU?

It’s for you if:

You want to learn about money blocks.

You hear the word money, and immediately have a negative reaction.

You don’t feel confident about money but want to.

You think you might have some money blocks.

You’re curious about how changing your thinking about money could help your bottom line.

You’ve heard about money coaching, but have no idea what it is and want to learn.


Here’s what’s happening in today’s short podcast:


  1. I’m going to define money blocks.
  2. I’ll give you examples so you can relate, or not relate.
  3. You’ll learn if you have some of these money blocks.
  4. I’m going to invite you to come to a free masterclass all about identifying and getting rid of your money blocks.


Listen and learn all about money blocks. They might be getting in your way!


Wanna dive deeper than the podcast? Join me for a free Masterclass that will help you identify and remove some common money blocks.


Masterclass sign up and more information at .


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