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Episode 25: The 30 - Day One Goal Focus Technique

goals Feb 21, 2022

Hello, hello brilliant entrepreneurs!

Welcome to Episode 25: 30-day One-Sheet-One-Goal Technique.

Today I want to help you get focused on ONE THING.

Can you tell me, is this you right now?? 

It’s the beginning of the year and you want to do ALL THE THINGS!

Because YOU CAN.

So your list is big and your brain is ON FIRE.

And you’re so excited!!!

Which is great, and then…it’s time to put all of your excitement into action.

Which requires setting some goals, and breaking them down into smaller parts.


So you don’t start. 

And then you feel bad that you didn’t start. 

And now you’re spiraling a bit.

And then you feel paralyzed. 

And stuck. 

And there’s a whole lot of time wasted inside your head. 

It’s hard to make decisions. 

And you don’t get a dang thing done. 

Does that resonate?
If so, it's ok. It's a billion percent NORMAL.

It’s happened to me, to my clients, to almost everyone I know. 

The goal today is to pull anyone who’s stuck out of the mud. 

And to introduce you to a template that can help you when you feel stuck in your business. (or your life!)

If you happen to be a business owner who's NOT STUCK and are really just killin’ it out there first quarter, CONGRATULATIONS!  You can use this simple exercise to keep it going

This step-by-step coaching exercise requires about 25 minutes.

It’s a one-page, 2 sided, very simple tool that can help you GET CLEAR on your main goal for the next 30 days, GET A simple PLAN to reach completion and GET MOVING so you can feel momentum, because momentum BEGETS momentum. It is worth your time. It will save time in the end.

After today’s episode you’ll be focused on completing ONE goal by the end of a 30-day period. 

You will have identified:

  • The most important goal for you now
  • A start date and a completion date
  • Do-able baby steps to move towards completion of goal
  • Who can help you (fave podcaster, collab buddy, accountability partner, coach, mate)
  • What can help you (like having your water next to you, a scheduling app for clients? A candle burning, or work music on, using a timer, your online calendar, or being in a quiet + prepared space)
  • A mindset that can help create the right APPROACH to completing the tasks

The free pdf download is available at 

PUSH PLAY on Episode 25 and get focused on ONE THING. Getting focused on ONE THING is the secret to creating momentum when you are stuck in your business. You can do it. ONE THING. Good luck!

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