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Episode 23: Entrepreneur Chat with Watercolor + Urban Sketch Artist Sam Nielsen



Sam is a shining example of a brilliant creative!!!!

I love everything about her story, her business, and her journey from teacher to full-time artist and stay-at-home mama!  And I very much love her heart. Her heart leads everything she does. Her heart is at the core of her family, her schedule, her business, her words and of course, her art.


Here’s what we dive into on today’s podcast:


  1. What it really looks like to have a successful art studio run from your home.
  2. Multiple income streams in an art business
  4. What discipline looks like when you are in charge of YOU, YOUR BRAND, YOUR INCOME
  5. Why ya gotta get friendly with failure, and know that crickets are OK
  6. Seeing the signs + listening to the voice, your intuition, + hearing the Holy Spirit
  7. It’s ok to STUMBLE!!!!! Stumble away. Please.
  8. Having a baby + becoming a mama in the middle of having a successful business



You’ll also learn:


  • What happened when Sam got clear about commissions
  • Why Sam gets emotional at her art shows, and why she likes shows
  • What Sam does to make sure she doesn’t get burnt out!
  • How Sam knows she is living her purpose
  • Sam’s heartfelt thoughts and clear boundaries on social media
  •  Why we want to let go of the scarcity mindset, and start to believe “There’s plenty for everyone.”
  •  The PLUS’S of selling art online
  •  Systems that streamline her biz
  •  How coaching helped Sam get clear on time boundaries
  •  How the energy of the first 2 years of your creative biz FUELS your success
  •  What might be happening in your businesses 3rd year
  •  How Sam used coaching to identify limiting beliefs that were holding her back



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Episode 21: How To Let Go Of (or get better at) Commissioned Work in Your Creative Business

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