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#41: Mini-Training: How to Use the Wheel of Life
#41: Mini-Training: How to Use the Wheel of Life

Hello friends….welcome to Episode 41: The Wheel of Life Mini-Training. ✏️✏️✏️ 


This is a 30 minute episode that introduces, or perhaps RE-introduces you to one of my favorite life-coaching tools called The Wheel of Life. It’s a tool used often in the coaching industry that most of us coaches learn about in Coaching School.


This tool is a LIFE COACHING 101 Topic. It's one of the BASICS.

How can the Wheel of Life help you?


-Helps you live with INTENTION, instead of by default.

-If you are stuck, it can help uncover where you are stuck and why.

-If you need momentum, it helps you determine your next best steps to get moving.

-If you’ve been feeling “meh” and can’t figure out why, this tool helps you narrow down which parts of life you might want to focus on to start feeling better.

-If you are lost, this tool will help point you in the next right direction.

-If you are lonely, this tool can help you figure out why and what you want to do about it.

-If life didn’t turn out like you hoped, this tool can help you course correct.

-If you have ADHD, it helps you break down your wants and desires into small steps. It’s helps you identify your next best steps. It helps prioritize. 

-Even if life is actually pretty dang good, this tool can help you determine what the next level looks like for you and how to get there.


Get your copy now at


Join me here, as we run you through doing The Wheel of Life. 


Together, we go through the 8 sections of the Wheel:

  1. Family/Friends
  2. Significant Other
  3. Fun and Recreation
  4. Health
  5. Money
  6. Faith/Spirituality
  7. Environment
  8. Career 

You'll hear how to rate, and things to consider as you decide your rating. You'll hear samples and examples.

This mini-training is hitting the EASY BUTTON on basic, beginning coaching. 

Push play, and let's get you on your way!


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