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#42: Jealousy Update: How Jealousy Can Help You Fill Your Fun Cup 🎉
#42: Jealousy Update: How Jealousy Can Help You Fill Your Fun Cup 🎉

#42: Jealousy Update: How Jealousy Can Help Fill Your Fun Cup

>>Learn How I Turned Jealousy into Joy with a Notebook, a Pencil, + My “Jealousy is a Sign” Routine


Hello LOVELIES!!!!

I bet you want to know…..who’s this episode for?

This episode is for anyone that’s ever been jealous. Which is everyone. So that’s you, cutie! 

This episode will be especially helpful for those of you who get most of your “fun” needs met from work + achievement. (I see you, I heart you, I am you) 

Welcome to the Jealousy Update. 

This episode is an update on Episode 39…where I was having a jealous moment on a Monday morning a year ago. I put it all out there in Episode 39. If you haven’t listened, give it a go. 

In this episode, I walk you through how I used the “Jealousy is a Sign Routine” to address the root cause of this jealousy.

And now I am not jealous, and there’s really nothing anyone could show me or do to me or around me that would make me feel jealous. 

It’s a year later, and not only did I figure out the root cause…I dove in head first and took care of it. I decided I wanted to change some things. I changed them. And now, life is fuller. It’s actually fuller, richer and overall, life FEELS better.

In this episode, I introduce you to the idea of Life Cups and how looking at life through Life Cups helped me to see life more clearly. They can help you, too. 

Wanna hear how it all went down?

Tune in and learn how you can turn jealousy into joy, with a notebook, a pencil, and the very simple “Jealousy is a Sign Routine” below.


Ang’s “JEALOUSY IS A SIGN ROUTINE” - Get your fave pencil/pen, notebook, big glass of water and dive deep into the questions below. 

  1. Identify that you feel jealousy. Identify WHERE in your body you feel it. Take note.
  2. Say thank you to your body and mind for the message. Jealousy is a helpful message.
  3. Determine who or what you feel jealous of or about.
  4. Answer the question: What is it that the object of your jealousy is BEING, DOING or HAVING that you want more of? 
  5. Decide what you’d like to do about it, if anything.  Make a list of how to address it in short term (next 3 months) and in the long term (next 12 months). 
  6. Then, do it. What’s your first physical action to get started. Look for low-hanging fruit…GO!!!


Bonus: Put a note on your calendar 3 months and a year from now. Ask yourself, how’s it going? Did the way I addressed it remove the jealous feeling? What else did addressing it do for you? 


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