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Episode 39: Have you been feeling Jealous? 5-Part Coaching Exercise to Hack Jealousy
Episode 39: Have you been feeling Jealous? 5-Part Coaching Exercise to Hack Jealousy

Ok gang, Let’s talk Jealousy.

Ewwwww. Jealousy. 

It's kind of UNCOMFORTABLE, don't you think?

Initially, yes. But I'd love to help you learn to HACK it. Want to?

Let’s just dive in and get it taken care of. I can help!!!!


Episode 39 is all about Jealousy, and why I’m SO OK with it.

Jealousy can be pretty awesome.

Dare I say, jealousy is actually helpful.

Jealousy in business.

Jealousy in friendships.

Jealousy in families.

Jealousy at work.

Jealousy about this, about that.

Jealousy about WHATEVER.

Please tune in and learn how to hack your feelings of jealousy and turn the whole jealousy thing into a personal development exercise.

I’m telling you, we can turn jealousy on it's head.

Together, let’s create a WIN around a feeling that most people feel shame, frustration and anger about.


In this episode you’ll learn:

-About a time I felt SO JEALOUS this past summer. 

-A simple 5-part coaching exercise you can use to hack your feelings of jealousy and use them for good.

It's called The Jealousy-is-a-Sign Routine. EASY!


I’ll walk you through the coaching exercise by using myself as an example.


This is a deep dive on jealousy, gang. 

Let’s get into it!!! Push play.

Learn how to make jealousy work FOR YOU instead of against you.


The Jealousy-is-a-Sign-Routine (try it!!!)

  • First: Identify the you feel jealousy, and where in your body you feel it
  • Second: Say THANK YOU to your body and mind for the messge
  • Third: Identify who you feel jealous of or what you feel jealous about
  • Fourth: What is it that the object of your jealousy is BEING, DOING or HAVING that you want more of?
  • Fifth: Decide what you want to do about it (Short Term/Long Term) 


Not sure if this episode is for you?

Well…if you’re human, and you’ve ever felt 

jealous or envious, this is a great episode for you.

Let’s go!!!


PS—> Wanna see the charcuterie paddle board??? Here it is. 

Photo credit to my kind friend: SV😊

Image used with permission. 


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