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Episode 12: What I Wish I Would Have Done in my First 5 Years of Business

ideal client niche Sep 20, 2021

It’s a CHOOSE YOUR OWN TITLE kind of adventure here in Episode 12. I like both titles, but you decide which one you like the best.   


In today’s episode, you’ll hear me tell an embarrassing story.

I still kind of don’t want to tell it, but, I am going to tell it anyway and we are going to chalk it up to ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING. If you can learn from my embarrassing story, that will make it worth the telling. Please learn from it. Oooooff.


So...who is today’s podcast for?

This episode is for you if:


  1. You find yourself a bit irritated that your 5 besties don’t buy your product or program more often, or ever.


  1. You find yourself a bit put off because your sister isn’t using your services for her _______. (you fill that in….wedding/birthday/home/work event/etc.)


  1. You get a little nervous when you are talking to friends about your business because you hope they will become a client or “purchaser”, you feel needy and then actually awkward. (Because needy energy is just the worst. It feels awkward to you and anyone around you. Must. Get. Rid. Of.)


  1. You’re product/service is so awesome and you can’t believe all of your friends from college didn’t jump during your most recent product launch. (Don’t they know what a GREAT DEAL I offered them? Normally, my service would cost them ______!)


  1. You can’t figure out why none of your work friends are coming to every craft show you are in. (You told them all about right?  Didn’t they see it on instagram?  Helllllooooo!  It’s going to be the artsiest, most gorgeous, most local, most fun event ever!!!!!  WHERE ARE  THEY?)


  1. You feel resentful when your colleague mentions your competition. You feel immediately uncomfortable and can’t believe someone DARE MENTION your competition to your FACE. (Don’t they know the other knitters in town are your sworn enemy?)


  1. Things aren’t going as well as you thought they would at your new yoga studio and you’re sorta mad at your 73 year old mother for not buying your latest hot yoga class pass.

Doesn’t she know how blanking amazing hot yoga is for her aging body??????


It’s also for you if you want a little “hindsight is 20/20” learning from a business owner with some decent experience with hindsight. I’ve got a lot of it!


Also...I’m gonna tell you 5 things I wish I would have done differently looking back at my years of owning businesses.

Links Mentioned in Episode 12: -->Brand Personality Workshop Options -->Be the first to find out when we open enrollment to the Money Love Bootcamp Course + the Money Mindset Training Sessions. -->Grab this free PDF so you can turn off your work brain and enjoy your home time. -->I’m a Hal fan!!! Periodically I’ll mention Hal...who’s book Miracle Morning was a game changer for me when I shifted from owning a flower shop to coaching. I will always be grateful to this awesome little book. If you don’t have it yet, it’s 100% worth a quick read.


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