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#43. Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©
#43. Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©

Welcome to Episode 43: Introduction to the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©


Today’s episode introduces you to one of my favorite business coaching tools, the Entrepreneurs’ Wheel of Work©, or EWOW. 


This tool helps you:

-focus and get intentional about your business

-leave your emotions at the door when making big business decisions

-prioritize your next best steps easily

-feel confident you are focused on the next best step for you and your business

-make more money in less time

-get better at being a business owner

-get better at leading a team

-experience more joy + satisfaction in your business

-have a workflow that works for you

Is it easier for you to barrel through your day and just “get it done”…as opposed to stepping back for an hour or two and reflecting on how it could be done faster, better and with less stress on you..the owner? If that’s you…you’ll like this episode, and the next 17!!!

My hope is that you get a lot from this series. 

I gently suggest you relax into it. Let’s go for a ride together here. 

At some point, take a look at the Entrepreneur’s Wheel of Work©, 

Which you can find at

We’ll be working on it for roughly 17 episodes. 

It’s worth having in your back pocket.


The next 17 episodes do a shallow dive into each of the 17 parts of the EWOW..including a special episode on business mindset. These next 17 podcasts will help you think differently about business.

They will help you get your head organized, at least a little, around your business.


For now, let’s get you started with an overview of the EWOW tool, and then let’s introduce you to the 17 areas of business I believe everyone should be paying attention to if you’re building a sustainable business. 

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