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Episode 34: Entrepreneurial Money Mindsets for Makers + Creators
Episode 34: Entrepreneurial Money Mindsets for Makers + Creators

Hey friends!!

Welcome back to the Money Series!


This is installment 6…all about entrepreneurial money mindset. It’s a short one…and there’s a beautiful pdf you can download to put at your desk or on your office board or maybe you can print it off for your entrepreneurial motivation binder.  


You put it wherever you want…but do get it, print it and put it somewhere you can see it!

It’s so helpful to have fresh and empowering mindsets in front of you…so you can see them and start to think about them and maybe even decide you’ll adopt some of these mindsets for your own.


You can find today’s free list of mindsets at

It’s all ready and waiting for you!


You know, if you are the head honcho at your office/business/studio….you have a BIG task to take care of that most others aren’t even thinking about.

The big task is managing your thoughts.

As the person in charge…you need to bring it. You need to bring it all.

Your thoughts and feelings DRIVE the space.

They drive the majority of things that happen in your space.

Your thoughts affect EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your space.

Whether you have an office, a shop, a studio or a desk in the corner.

You are in CHARGE of the energy and the vibe.

You are in charge of the way your space feels.

You are in charge of the way your store feels, or your studio feels.

You are the setter of the boundaries.

You are the one who decides what’s allowed and what’s not.


As the person in charge…it all starts with what you believe is possible.

Your mindset.

Your mindset about your business.

Your mindset around money.

Your mindset around relationships.

Your mindset around balance and family.

Your mindset around your workspace.


Your mindset leads to your feeling, your feeling leads to your choices, your choices over time lead to your results…or your business results.


So push play, and get yourself THINKING like a successful entrepreneur so you can BE a successful entrepreneur!




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