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Episode 16: 5 Simple Ways Your Brand Words Can Attract Your Ideal Client.

brand archetypes branding Nov 04, 2021

Who’s ready for a deep dive on your brand vocabulary?
This week, we’re talking brand words.
And before we even get to brand words...we’re talking about brand archetyping. If archetyping is a new word for you, definitely join me for Episode 16. This one’s chock full of new info, hints, tips and strategies all around your brand words.

You’ll learn:
1. What a brand archetype is, and how it leads you to your brand words.
2. The 12 different archetypes I use with my clients to determine their brand personality, and then their brand words.
3. 10-12 brand words that connect to each brand archetype
4. 5+ ways you can use your brand words to attract your ideal client

I want you to feel inspired around your brand words.
Whether you already know them, or you’re just learning about brand words….get inspired and re-energize your word list today.

Let the power of the right words work for your brand. Enjoy!

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