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Episode 38: Two Companies that have GREAT Branding (and What you Can Learn from Them)
Episode 38: Two Companies that have GREAT Branding (and What you Can Learn from Them)


Hello hello brilliant creatives!!!!

Welcome to Ep 38, Two Companies that have GREAT Branding and What you Can Learn from them. 


So…who should listen to this episode?

If you…..

  1. Are just starting you biz and you don’t know the first thing about branding.
  2. Have had your biz for a bit but you never really GOT the importance of branding on a deeper level
  3. Just wanna appreciate some dang good branding
  4. Want to feel inspired around branding
  5. Are rebranding and want some reminders, or want to refresh your thoughts around branding
  6. Wanna learn a little about brand archetypes
  7. Have a business that feels unclear to you, and likely to your prospective clients
  8. Have a business that seems to attract the WRONG people…you find yourself asking how the heck you’re getting the clients you’re getting. 


The more you know your brand, the words, the values, the feeling, the connection it can have with prospective clients…the brighter your brand shines. The more attractive your business is. Push play and let me walk you through the branding of two brilliant businesses!


Curious about the the branding program I run my clients through? It’s called The Brand Personality Workshop, and we use an assessment tool to find your brand archetypes. My clients LOVE it. In fact, many of them rave about it. I am meeting with a client today who says this program changed the entire trajectory of her business. And her business is killing it!!!

If you are interested in learning more about brand archetyping and how it can help you with your business branding, you can hop on and read about 3 different ways you can work with me inside my Brand Personality Workshop. It’s a game changer for you + your business!


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