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#42.5 How to Use Coaching Questions + Techniques to Find Out How School is ACTUALLY Going for Your Young Person

coaching family mompreneur Oct 06, 2023
#42.5 How to Use Coaching Questions + Techniques to Find Out How School is ACTUALLY Going for Your Young Person

#42.5: How to Use Coaching Questions + Techniques to Find Out How School is ACTUALLY Going for Your Young Person

I believe this---->We’ve got to get better at communicating with our kids about their learning + education.

This episode talks about how we are communicating this year about HOW SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY GOING for our young people using a Sunday Night School Check-In Meeting. 


Here’s the Meeting Template I discuss in this episode.

Copy + Paste and pass it on! ✏️


Sunday/Monday Night School Meeting Template

First, create a safe and inviting space for your student to share information.

Second, let them know you'd like to be a supportive part of their academics this year. You'd like to have weekly check-ins where they can connect with you on school and life.

Third, let them choose the best time for them to have their meeting.

(Because people support what they create, so let them do some of the creating. 🎉) 

Fourth, ask them to answer the following questions either on paper, on their computer or orally. My kids just say it out loud...but some students love to communicate through writing. Whatever feels best for them.

  1. What something good that happened at school that surprised you? 
  2. What was the most fun thing that happened this past week?
  3. What academic thing are you proud of?
  4. What are you looking forward to this week?
  5. Which teacher do you want to get to know better? 

(You may have other questions...plug them in here! 5 is about as many as my dudes want to answer before they pull up their classes. I can think of 100 other questions that COULD go here. And we experiment with different ones in the moment. Do what you feel will be best at your house. We want this to feel light and fun, at least to begin with!)


Pull up classes and do a CHECK-IN

--->Let your student know there will be no judgement or harshness around grades/performance. This is just a check-in. You are checking in to see where they are AND for them to see where they are. They get to decide next steps.

What would they like to do next? How would they like to do it? When would they like to do it? What’s the first thing they want to do to get started?


Questions to ask during and after grade check-ins

  1. What would you like to happen in that class?
  2. What do you want to happen in that other class?
  3. It sounds like you want to show up differently in that class, what would you like to be doing instead?
  4. Who can be helpful here?
  5. What tools can be helpful here?
  6. What’s one thing you can do to prepare for success this week in each class?
  7. What can Dad and I do to help?
  8. What do you want me to recognize or acknowledge you for?
  9. Is there anything you think dad and I should know? 


✨✨✨✨✨✨The MAGICAL QUESTION you can use ANYTIME, ANYWHERE to really connect and GET YOUR YOUNG PERSON THINKING! âœ¨âœ¨âœ¨âœ¨âœ¨âœ¨

--->“ON a SCALE of 1-10, (1 being boo and 10 being yahoo!) how would you rate your day? 

What would have made it a 7, 8, 9?” (Add two points to their rating)


I use this magical questions A LOT.

After asking it the first few times, they usually say “Ummmm….I don’t know”. Consider staying quiet here. 

Let them answer.

Do not fill the void.

Let them think…silence is ok here. 

I usually respond or REFLECT BACK TO THEM by repeating what they just said to me. 

If they answer with, "The day would have been a 9 if I would have gotten an A on my science test.” 

Then I might say, "Ok, so what I’m hearing you say is if you would have gotten an A on your science test, the day would have felt better…more like a 9. Is that right?” 


Then…they confirm. And they become more aware. 

And the information connects with them just a little more. 

And they realize…hmmm….the day could have felt better if I would have gotten an A. 

And you can ask…..”Is there anything you’d like to do to increase the likelihood of getting an A on your next test?”


They might say no. 

That’s ok. 

Just get the conversation going and keep the space SAFE. No judging. 

Stay neutral.

You are helping them become aware of what is happening now, and what they want to happen in the future.


Just having the conversations can change the behavior. 👏🏻



If there is blaming or complaining, here a some questions you can ask your young person:


What’s one thing you could have done differently in that situation?

What’s one thing you would like to do in the future? 

What could you do to manage your feelings around this?

What could you do to get yourself on a more positive pathway? 


Words and phrases used in this episode to consider using at your house:

Academic Excellence 🏆

Completion 🏁 

Positive Begets Positive ➕➡️➕

People Support What They Create 🎉



Do you have some awesome questions to share? 

Do you use another method you like to use for communicating well with your young people?

We would LOVE to hear. Email [email protected] with your magical questions and communication techniques to be shared on future episodes. We want to know what’s working at your house!


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