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Episode 40: Ten Tips (+ Gentle Reminders) for the Entrepreneur Moms with New Baby
Episode 40: Ten Tips (+ Gentle Reminders) for the Entrepreneur Moms with New Baby

Hello hello brilliant entrepreneurs!!!!

Welcome!!! Today is for all the business mama’s in the group.

Anyone out there balancing business with baby?
Because I can attest, IT’S A THING!!! A huge, gigantic, very big thing.

Today I’m talking to two amazing ladies who’ve had babies in the last 18 months, who

Also have businesses. We have great conversation that can help you feel good

About wherever you’re at in your first years with baby and business.


Welcome to Ep 40, 10 tips for the new moms who also run a business!!


So…who should listen to this episode?

If you…..

  1. Are just starting your biz and you have your first baby on the way.
  2. Have had your biz for a bit, and are preparing your business and your
  3. team for you being on maternity leave.
  4. Want to get some real life information on what it’s like to manage home, baby, and business at the same time.
  5. You want to compare your experience with another mama entrepreneur.
  6. Are curious how long you want for an upcoming maternity leave
  7. Need some information to help you make decisions about your business going forward


If that’s you, keep listening.

Amanda, Katie and I lay it all out there, no holds barred.

One of us even cries a little.

And a little heads up…this episode was recorded a couple months ago.

It was right before we had some kid medical stuff at our house…which took me on

A mama medical journey for a bit.

And if you know anything about a mama medical journey,

You know why this episode is coming out a bit later than intended.

Thanks for waiting!


Press play on Episode 40, and hear from entrepreneur mama’s experiencing motherhood for the

first time. The 10 tips below have been extracted from this lovely conversation

amongst friends.


Ten Tips for the Entrepreneur Moms with New Baby

  1. Remember, you are going to get really good at what your YES’s are and what Your NO’s are. The babies create a whole lot of clarity. You may become exceptionally efficient. So start by looking forward to this!!
  2. It’s a big year of learning. You’ll probably feel like you're NOT doing it well.
  3. This first year goes in fits and starts. Two steps forward and one step back. If you prepare for that, and build in some reserve…whether it’s money, patience, time, a cleaning helper, a grocery delivery system, a friend to talk to, a person to get you out on walks….it can be easier.
  4. Wearing all the hats is really challenging. Consider wearing one hat at a time.
  5. Get a buddy who is IN IT with you. Have a buddy mom that can help you Connect with someone that’s in the trenches with you! At 2am in the morning you feel Pretty alone. Plus it’s dark. It’s easy to spiral into a sad mom tornado. Find a buddy.
  6. You don’t know how it feels it until you experience it. Sleep dep and breastfeeding are both high demand challenges. The hormones and the emotions are not always under your control. It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to need help. I am right now giving you permission to say yes to every bit of help you want.
  7. Give yourself grace. Your body is currently hardly your own. GRACE.
  8. FYI: Ya NOT gonna get a lotta stuff done. More like survival mode. Shower. Brush teeth. Go outside. Look at the sun. Talk to a friend. Take a walk.
  9. Consider 3-4 months of being home with baby if you can. You can always go back early if you feel like it. But if you can set the expectation to your staff and clientele that you won’t be back for 4 months, you will be so grateful.
  10. Consider separating work time from motherhood time. When you’re home, be a mom and be home. When you want to work, work. Working when kids are fluttering around and needing you doesn’t feel awesome. No one gets the best of you.
  11. Bonus Tip!!!!! You are a new person after you have a baby. The person you were before is not the person you are after you have a baby. You will have a new identity. Your values will change a bit, your decision making filters will change, and your results will change. And all of that is OK. It’s awesome.

That’s all for today! Enjoy!


Wanna get a hold of these lovely new mama’s?
Both are back to business! You can find Amanda Jane Cane Spilde from Jane Cane Photography at @janecanephotography on Instagram. Or, visit her gorgeous website,
You can find Katie Quade from Balanced Roots Retreats at @balancedrootsretreats…retreat planning for small business or individuals who want to have an intimate retreat but don’t want to do the planning. You can also learn more at
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