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Episode 36: Why This Podcast is Called The Brilliant Creative + A Special Message to Those of You Who Want to Be More Creative

ideal client Jul 04, 2022
Episode 36: Why This Podcast is Called The Brilliant Creative + A Special Message to Those of You Who Want to Be More Creative

Hey all…welcome to the Brilliant Creative today!!

This episode is a little love letter to my creative entrepreneurs, business owners, and want-to-be business owners out there.

And then, I’ve got a message for those of you who WANT to be more creative, but something is holding you back.


Ever wonder why I named this podcast The Brilliant Creative?

It’s because of YOU GUYS!!!

I really, really, really like you.


You know…I sometimes wonder if the people hearing the title of the podcast think that I’m referring to myself as The Brilliant Creative. Well, I’m not.


I’m actually referring to all of youl…the listeners and all my clients out there. When I think of what I really love about my work, it’s that my clients and I spend time having conversations to make plans, move forward, achieve goals, create and move towards their dreamy vision of the future. We are often SOLVING PROBLEMS or, in other more empowering words, we are finding opportunities to create magic. To make something out of nothing. To use creative energy to make, build and create something.


In this episode, there are two main messages:

  1. I named this podcast to represent the people who would be listening…that’s you. People who have creative businesses. Or, people who WANT creative businesses. Whether you are just starting your business, have a year or two under your belt, or maybe you’re running 3 businesses…this podcast has something for all of you.


  1. If you want to be creative, but no one ever invited you…I’m inviting you now. However messy or imperfect it might feel, give it a go. It’s available to everyone. It’s never too late.

You get to be creative anytime you want. Everyone is invited to this party.


This short episode was recorded to inspire you in some way to either be more of who you are, or to try something you’ve never tried before.


Push Play and Enjoy!




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