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Episode 15: Elementary School Teacher has BIG SIDE HUSTLE


Hey guys...welcome to The Brilliant Creative Podcast, Episode 15!!!

I’m so excited to introduce you to the lady of the day….Mrs. Jebeh Edmunds!

I’ll be honest, our interview goes all over the place….we talk about her fascinating story, how she went from fleeing her home country with her family at a very young age, to the living in the Twin Cities, to becoming a teacher, to listening to the very persistent voice in her head that said...HEY LADY, there’s something more you’re supposed to do.

We talk about:
-How Jebeh knew so many years ago that this big side hustle was happening, no matter what.
-How she came up to me 6 years ago and said...I’ll be calling you someday.
-What it looked like for her to literally BUILD HER BUSINESS DURING, the deep, dark, awful days of Covid. Jeb and I were making lemonade out of lemons at the local coffee shop!!!

This is an inspiring podcast for those of you who:
-Are teachers….or have some profession that you love, but you are being called to something more. And the call just keeps calling.

-Want to feel hopeful, and are ready to live in the land of possibility about your passion project.

-Need some permission to listen for real to that voice in your head. The one that keeps saying...THIS. Move over here. Do this. Teach this. Be this. Show this. This is where you will shine your brightest light.

-Meet a person who does diversity + inclusion training for businesses.

What I hope you get out of this episode is this:
You can do anything you put your mind to. Ya just gotta believe it’s possible.
Coaching can help get your passion project off the ground
Batching and good systems save time, money and brain power
You can build your business anytime, anywhere. In a box, with a fox. On a boat, with a goat. During a pandemic, with jackets and hats, outside the local coffee shop, with masks.
Listen to the voice that keeps calling, especially if it keeps calling!!!

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