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Episode 13: WGITWA x 4 and What to do About It



Welcome to Episode 13, WGITWA x 4 and What to do About It.


Ever feel a little there aren’t a whole lot of people that get you? Creatives often work alone, and sometimes, get lonely. If that’s you...I’m with ya.


In this episode we talk about your awesome creative brain. You might call it your creative heart, creative soul, creative spirit but I will refer to it today as your creative brain...and WHY I THINK IT’S AWESOME!


And it’s sometimes lonely and difficult to have this brilliant and powerful creative brain. Because, it is.


We talk about 4 different things that business coaching clients struggle with, and give tips on how to manage each of them.


We’re chatting about:


  •  Overwhelm
  •  Perfectionism
  •  Impaired Decision Making Filters
  •  Analysis Paralysis


Learn how my Impaired Decision Making Filters held me back from creating this podcast before 2021. Yikes!


You’ll learn about 4 journal prompts that can help you out of overwhelm. Here they are:

  1. What decision is it time to make?
  2. What is it time to let go of?
  3. What is it time to get focused on?
  4. What does momentum look like for me this week?


You’ll learn how the following mindset can keep you going when times get tough, especially if you feel called to do THE THING and you continue to be called, no matter what.


If that’s you, consider adopting the following mindset:

My vision is everpresent and clear. I'm committed to moving towards it regardless of the obstacles in the way. I am able, capable and strong. I welcome and joyfully receive any success moving towards my ultimate vision.


And lastly, we have a contest starting this episode!


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Good luck!


That’s all friends.


Enjoy Episode 13, where I hope you’ll find some really

Actionable Intelligence that’s HELPFUL to you this week.


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