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Episode 11: A Luxury Interior Designer + her Business Coach, Suzi Part 2


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Today’s episode is a continuation of last week's interview of Suzi Vandersteen, owner and brilliant designer at Kitchee Gammi Design Company here in Duluth MN.


If you tuned in to episode 10, you know that Suzi has been coaching with me for years and she and I have a very magical relationship.

She is, without a doubt, just one of my people.


As usual, I only want you to listen this week if you can benefit from

this particular episode.


This podcast is for you IF:

-You have a corporate or home office that needs to be REIMAGINED or REDONE

-Entrepreneurs trying to figure out their niche

-Those of you who have pieces of gifted furniture that you want to let go of now

-People curious about how interior design works

-DIY’ers who want the insider details on where you can use less expensive pieces, and where you want to spend some money

-You want to learn what a design hierarchy is, and how Suzi uses it


In this episode you’ll learn:

-The latest trends in corporate and home office space

-How to re-invent your new college students room to accommodate college students living at home

-How the way we work now dictates how current corporate offices are designed

-What destination spaces are, what they do +  why they’re important

-What your open floor plan might need in terms of design

-What we don’t want to see in your office space

-Our thoughts on plants in office setting (hint: they speak loudly)

-A fresh mindset to have around plants (so you can stop saying “I can’t keep plants alive.”

-How Cambria Countertop Company makes magic during the hardest part of their customer’s journey

-What Suzi thinks about creating her own paycheck all the time

-How Suzi addresses fear in the entrepreneurial space

-Designer secrets and insider tips!

-What Suzi wants you to do about ART

-What can get in the way of good design, and what you can do about it

-When it’s time to redecorate, and how often you need to schedule upholstery + rug cleanings

-Coaching questions to ask yourself to help you let go of those pieces that you don’t love, but feel like you SHOULD keep

-What this pro-designer thinks about Goodwill


Ok...are you ready? Here’s Suzi Vandersteen and I...join us for Suzi, Part 2.




Links mentioned in this episode:

Cambria Countertops ​​

Al Anon


Suzi’s company, Kitchee Gammi Design Co.


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