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Ep. 7: 10 People Who Would Really Like FLOWERSCHOOL + All The FLOWERSCHOOL Details

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Ep. 7: 10 People Who Would Really Like FLOWERSCHOOL, + All The FLOWERSCHOOL Details

The following is the actual PODCAST SCRIPT.

Hey there friends and welcome to Episode 7, all about Flowerschool and whether or not it’s right for you. Today you’ll learn:

-Who I’ve created this flowerschool for and why

 -The Flowerschool Details, how it works, when it starts, the investment, how you can purchase it, + how you can find out more about it

-The names of all the modules and their corresponding lessons…keep in mind that a module is like a topic or section of learning…and the lessons fall under that so we stay organized with submodule or lessons.  

-What you can expect in each lesson 

-How a Materials List with Live Links can save you time and energy and help you get through your flower school lessons with ease 

-What’s included along with the price 

-How I see people using this online resource 

-What flowercoaching is and how you can get some for a great price 

-By the end of this, you will be able to determine whether or not flowerschool is for you now


Let’s begin!!!


 Who I’ve created this flowerschool for and why


Who is this for? Could it be you?

This school is for those of you who want to learn how to create floral designs for home, family, parties or special events, dances, or even the office. It’s for people who want to use flowers somewhat regularly at their home. I made a list of some specific situations that prospective students might be in. 


This class is for:

  • The creative person who wants to master another craft. In general, creative people like to get good at many creative things….like cooking, and knitting, and scrapbooking, and making jewelry, and painting….and add flowers to that list. If you are a self-identified creative and you are ready to get really good at flowers…come on board. This class is for you.
  • The crafty, helpful, volunteer mom or dad who wants to know how to create cute floral bouquets for teachers, or make the kids corsages and bouts for dances. This is the person that often donates their time and talents to others…whether it’s your kids school activities, or in a church group…or some place like that. You have the time and energy to be that person…the one who makes everything just a little bit better with your positive energy, attitude, and talents. You want to make centerpieces for the teacher’s thank you dinner, or you want to host a church or school fundraiser at your house where everyone makes floral bouquets to take home. If that’s you, this is an awesome place for you. 
  • The person that doesn’t feel creative or crafty, but wants to learn HOW TO choose flower combinations for their home…the person who wants to awaken the creative part of them that maybe hasn’t been awake for awhile. And you know why I say that??? Because flowers and plants are for everyone. They are a gift…and everyone is invited to have them. EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL CREATIVE. You are invited to be here and I’m just gonna love you up with creative, can-do energy. 
  • This online flowerschool is for the party host that loves flowers, and loves to have flowers at their events. Maybe you host book club, or bible study, or the Pampered Chef party. Or maybe you host “Make-Up Artist Night” or maybe you host your neighborhoods gourmet dinner club, or maybe it’s your Sunday Night Family Gathering. Whatever your hosting…if you love having flowers at your party…and you want it to get a little bit easier, and you want to learn more about the HOW, this is SO the place for you. 
  • Now…some of you are wondering…is this class for actual florists? Or soon to be florists? Or people that want to work in a flower shop? And my answer is this: It could be. The things I am teaching in this particular set of flower classes are many of the same skills I needed to open my own flower shop when I was 27 years old. I had attended an in-person flower school before I started my shop….and after that, I was so inspired to create for my shop. Many of the design techniques I teach in this online flower school are the design techniques I used to start and run my flower shop. So…if you are a beginner florist, and you want some inspiration…this could be a place for you. But it’s not geared towards you. It’s geared towards the everyday consumer of flowers. 
  • If you are a brand new employee or want to get hired at a flower shop, this course might be really helpful. It’s not formal. Meaning, I’m not teaching the principles of design in a formal manner. Additionally, I’ll be teaching a bit about how to incorporate flowers into home decor. Like the module on “Styling your Spring/Summer Cloche”. If you work at a shop that has that style…that uses Cloches (which is a bell shaped glass) that might be helpful to you, especially if you will be working in a shop to create vignettes. Kind of like….This flowerschool is for the 15 year old who wants to get a job at a flower shop…and wants to get a little training before they apply!!!  
  • One thing I’ve been asked is Hey…would this be a good course for my crafty creative teenager….And yes…this course, at least the corsage and boutonniere portion, might be perfect for your creative teenager that wants to make their own corsages and boutonnieres for dances or parties. It’s one reason I offer the corsage and boutonniere module as a separate class for single purchase.
  • Ok then…what about a DIY wedding? What if I wanted to do a DIY wedding? 
  • Well…this course would be a good first step. DIY wedding is pretty big decision. I rarely suggest the family do their own flowers so this question is pretty loaded. I have a lot more to say about this. So yes, the things in this class would set you up with the techniques to do a certain type of wedding bouquet, specifically a European Hand-Tied Bouquet…but do I recommend doing your own wedding flowers? Not so much….It really depends. 
  • Another group of people that might like this course is Interior Designers. Now..the work we do here is smaller scale, but if you are an interior designer and you want a beginner design course full of ideas, inspiration, and lots of HOW-TO…you might like it inside FLOWERSCHOOL. I think you’d especially like the modules on Hand-Tied Bouquets, Styling a Cloche, Creating Your Own Signature Design, Crate Design, Hana-Kubari Design…and all the detailed learning in the middle. Most often interior designers are so good at scale, and combinations, and knowing your favorite products and what they do for you and your clients. The flowers are usually frosting on the very delicious cake you baked….so if you want to learn a little more about flowers…join us. I think interior designers who want to learn more about flowers would find this really helpful. Fair warning…this is not big scale. It’s kind of 101. At some point, if there is interest, I would create a course specifically for interior designers with some bigger scale pieces. But for now, if you just need a starter flower course, you might like this one.
  • Lastly, this course is for the person who just wants entertaining to be a bit easier. We’ll talk about ideas and give ideas for entertaining, especially as we get closer to the Holiday Season. If that’s you, this might be a good course for you.


Ok…did you find yourself in any of those places? I hope so!


One thing I want to mention is about plants. If you are a plant lover out there and you’re wondering if this is a solidly "planty" course, I’ll say this.


I love plants, and am currently in plant collection mode. I use them in design work often. Most modules and lessons include the use of 1-2 plants, and some modules include more than that. But this course is not about growing indoor or outdoor plants. It does include USING them well and outfitting your home plant collection with plants that will serve you well in your floral design projects…whether we’re talking corsages and bouts, or centerpieces, or crates, or holiday tablescape design, or creating your signature design style. Plants are used in all of these…and we will talk about and suggest plants that would be great for your collection, but this is not a plant class focused on growing plants. That being said, in module one, corsages and boutonnieres, I did use 7 different plants in that module. And plants are definitely part of the discussion in this course.

So...this online flowerschool has been brewing for awhile now. During Covid, I did lots of online teaching in the form of a membership where students would show up live online every first Wednesday of the month. I would do a pre-determined floral design or project, students would watch, ask questions, have discussion, and then go make their own. They would occasionally share their work in our FB group, where we could chat and share about all things floral. 

It was lovely. 

Being able to connect during Covid online, around flowers was awesome. 

It felt so good to share, talk, design, connect and help people who wanted to know more about floral design.

That membership lasted for about 18 months, at which time we had some kid health stuff here and my energy was required elsewhere for a bit. 

Since then, many of the people from the flower membership, then called “Flowers at Home” membership have contacted me to share what they now feel confident making. They send images of centerpieces, and party flowers they have done for special occasions and events…they are proud of what they’ve done. It reminded me how awesome it feels to get a little bit of momentum on a creative project and execute it. Most people just want a bit of help…they don’t need a ton. It’s likely that most of you listening have a love for flowers and/or plants and want a little inspiration…and the how to. The how to is really powerful.


Many of them have said, if you ever do any other flower teaching, please contact me.

I’m sure some of them will join us for this course.


So…when does this start?


The first day official day flowerschool is Tuesday, May 30th!

Registration is open now. 

Your classes open up to you weekly for the next month, and then biweekly after that, a break happens mid-summer, and we’re back at it late August.  

The first day official day FLOWERSCHOOL is Tuesday, May 30th!

Registration is open now. 🎉🎉 soon as you register, you'll get an email with your NEXT STEPS. Yep...a PREP LIST to get ready for school to start. I want you to feel organized + prepared! ✏️

Your class modules open up to you weekly for the next month starting Tuesday, May 30th. Mid-July we take a break  we’re back at it in August. 


The calendar has been designed with the seasons and seasonal projects in mind.

The entire course, which includes 12 learning modules, 4 bonus modules, mid-course Q+A session + one Pick-a-Topic (You all choose the topic). That’s a total of 16 modules and a little extra magic. Some are more serious. Some are lighter and maybe a bit of fun for you.  The bonus modules are full of learning, but are often using florals as home decor. So really…you have 16 total modules. 2 of these, we meet live online. Those are called LIVE SESSIONS. Meaning if you want to meet, connect, chat and ask questions…you’ll wanna show up live online for learning and connection. 

The mid-course LIVE Q+A session is to get your questions answered! 

There is also a week where YOU ALL decide what we learn. That's the "Pick-a-Topic" Class.

One thing you should know, 4 of the modules are designated CORE LEARNING modules meaning these are INTEGRAL, life changing core techniques that you will use over and over, for a lifetime. These 4 CORE LEARNING modules are empowering. What I teach you in these modules is what I built an entire flower business on. So really, life changing flower learning here. Those are the CORE LEARNING modules.

Each of the 16 modules has a different topic. Each module, or section of learning, includes a materials list with class notes.


What’s special about these materials lists is they have live links, along with other options for purchase…including local options and ideas for supporting local.

Each module has 1-2-3 or more videos…from 5 minutes to 45 minutes in length. My reviewers have told me they like to get in and learn fast, so I most certainly keep this in mind when I create these learning videos.

Here’s a list of the 12 modules and the 4 bonus modules included in your FLOWERSCHOOL enrollment, along with their release dates. 



Tues, May 30th...FIRST DAY!  Start with 2 MODULES.

Module 1: Wrist Corsages + Boutonnieres -For High School Dances/Proms -For Special Honorees at Anniversaries, Showers, Retirements + Birthdays

+BONUS Module 2: Styling Your Spring to Summer Cloche

Tuesday, June 6th… Module 3: Creating Your Outdoor Cutting Garden. We talk all about how to select plants, perennials, shrubs, and seeds for a garden that allows you to use it for floral design. We want to be able to harvest things from our garden. This is a fun one…and one that clients have asked for. A note here is that we are in Zone 3-4, so we’ll be talking about plants and shrubs that work well for this climate.

Tuesday, June 13th… Module 4: European Hand-Tied Bouquets --> CORE LEARNING 

Tuesday, June 20th…BONUS Module 5: Styling your Centerpiece Tray with Long Lasting Florals

Tuesday, June 27th…Module 6: Summer Party Floral Design Recipes (4th of July Floral Design Recipes, Gardenparty Floral Design Recipes, + Late Summer Italian Harvest Dinner Floral Recipes and bonus music list) Fun entertaining ideas and inspo!

Tuesday, July 4th…VACATION Week

Tuesday, July 11th…Module 7: Creating Your Signature Design Style FUN, LIVE SESSION! ONE MONTH MID SUMMER BREAK + IMPLEMENTATION 

Tuesday, August 8th…Module 8: Plants for the Office, Studio or Shop with Container Recommendations

Tuesday, August 15th…Module 9: Farmer's Market Harvest Crate Design --> CORE LEARNING 

Tuesday, August 22nd…LIVE Q & A on Zoom

Tuesday, August 29th…TBD→Class Pick-a-Topic

Tuesday, September 12th…BONUS Module 10: Styling Your Fall Mantle in 5 Easy Steps

Tuesday, September 26th…BONUS Module 11: Outdoor Fall Entryway Welcome Design in 5 Easy Steps

Tuesday, October 12th…Module 12A: Holiday Season Outdoor Porch Pots…popular topic all my friends want to learn, Part 1

Tuesday, October 26th…Module 12B: Holiday Season Outdoor Porch Pots Part 2

Tuesday, October 31st…Module 13: Signature Thanksgiving Artichoke Centerpiece --> CORE LEARNING LIVE!!!!

Tuesday, November 7th…Module 14: Step-by-Step Thanksgiving Dinner Tablescape…timeline, step by step, start early

Tuesday, November 14th…Module 15: Signature Pomegranate Hana-Kubari Design --> CORE LEARNING

Tuesday, November 28th…Module 16: Holiday Cocktails Party Florals and Tablescapes 


OK--->THAT'S A WRAP!!!! (And that is a LOT of flower goodness)


But here’s what I want you to know.

There is no behind or ahead in this course. 👍🏻

This is like a grab it when you need it kind of course. ✅

I want you to have it and keep it in your back pocket for when you need each topic. ✂️

Each student has their own portal where you login and can access your course at any time from anywhere, whether you are in New York or Iowa or Minnesota or England or Scotland or in Colorado, or Florida. I know some of my flower people are in Florida for much of the year! ☀️

Wherever you are, and whenever you want it, this training is available to you.

The entire course is available with a full-pay option of $397, with a payment plan available starting at $167 should you prefer that. You can find out more about the two offers HERE available for this class, and you can read some testimonials from prior students as well. 



When you get to the checkout, you have an option to get something called FLOWERCOACHING. Flowercoaching is a private one-on-one session with me that lasts around 45 minutes where I answer any of the questions you have about flowers, doing your own flowers, spaces you have at home that you are wondering what to do with, vases and pots at home that you want to use but don’t know how. It’s kind of like flower consulting….but a little more coach than that. Should you wish to sign up for FLOWERCOACHING, you can select that option upon checkout. You will be able to schedule your appointment with me using my online scheduler. Additionally, you’ll be sent questions to prepare for our FLOWERCOACHING session. The flowercoaching is currently in BETA mode…meaning I’m testing the waters on it and it is available for a BETA price. 

You can use your FLOWERCOACHING sessions however you’d like to use them anytime before the end of the year.

FLOWERSCHOOL is available at this price for a limited time. Doors are open now for registration. 

And of course, I want you to be 100% satisfied…so, If after the first 14 days you are not loving flowerschool, you just need to let me know, and we will refund your money. As this is a digital asset, no refunds will be offered after 14 days. 



Where do we go for the two live online sessions? And will they be recorded? What about the Q+A?

A link for the live sessions and Q+A will be put inside your portal. You’ll also receive a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before the 2 live sessions.

They will be recorded and put into your learning portal if you cannot attend live.

You will be able to access them at anytime after the training, multiple times.


How do we access the course? 

You’ll receive a username and password to login to

Login anytime and access your course.


Do you provide flowers?

No. You will provide your own flowers. But, I will help you get really good at locating flowers in many different places so you can get flowers that you like. You will naturally become adept at seeing, finding, and identifying really good quality, long-lasting flowers in this course. 


What if we cannot watch the videos the week they arrive?

That’s absolutely fine. This course is a resource to be used whenever and wherever you need it.


What if I have a question about Module 1 in 6 months? 



What if I have a question about material in the class when the class is "officially" over? 

ASK ME. Send me an email. Connect through instagram messages. CONNECT!!!! Get your questions answered. Let me be a great resource to you. 


How long will we be able to access all the videos and trainings?

You will be able to access them for the life of the course, so hopefully years!! 


What if the course changes or is improved? Do we get that updated? If so, do we need to do anything? 

Yes, if a video is updated, and you’ve signed up for in FLOWERSCHOOL…they will be added automatically to the portal and you will have access to them. That being said, more flowerschool COURSES may be added in the future, separate from this course. For example, we may add a course with a different topic, like using chicken wire in pedestal floral design. It will be separate from this course and will likely be available for one-off purchase. That will not be automatically added, as it is a separate course. Or if we added a course called Plant Curation + Styling, that would be a separate course. 


Ang, what if I’m seeing this after flower school has begun?

Can I still do it? Like, can I purchase the course in August? can. You will receive all the classes we have done so far, and more will be released according to the FLOWERSCHOOL CALENDAR. You likely won’t be enjoying the same introductory price the Spring starters had, but you can still jump in!! Please do! The more flower students, the merrier. 🤍


Do you do flowers for events? Like weddings? Parties? 

No. At this time, I am focused on teaching only. 


Do you have a flower shop now?

No. I work from home. So I experience the actual "way" people who don't own a flower shop do their flowers. I have developed a system so have multiple spaces at home to work on floral designs and projects. I'm about to teach them all to you!


Do you speak to groups in person? 

Yes. Starting in October of 2023, I’ll be available for in-person presentations. 

For speaker fees and options, inquire at [email protected] .


Questions? Send me a note at [email protected].

Hope to see you on the inside!!!! 🌸


PS--->REMEMBER: If you are SO EXCITED for are going to LOVE what happens when you sign up. You already get a little PREP LIST. It will help you get your head and your house ready for class. ✏️





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