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Ep. 6 The May Flower Report + Cute Shop Highlight: Duluth Studio Market

Hello Flower Friends! Welcome to Episode 6. The May Flower Report + Cute Shop Highlight: Duluth Studio Market 🌸

The purpose of this episode is to let you know which flower stems and plants are out there…what’s available now, what you can find and where, what to look for and why. I'm also going to tell you about a pretty little shop in Duluth, MN called Duluth Studio Market. They carry locally handmade pots, plants, vases, dried flowers, art, jewelry, home decor, and more.

In this episode you'll learn:

The latest flowers you can find out there in the floral universe, what I purchased and why.

What I believe about flowers that are "IN" and flowers that are "OUT".

What Star-of-Bethlehem Plant is and why you might like it.

About my calla lily plant experiment.

Why I got dried lavender. 💜

Why the topic seems to be corsages + boutonnieres. 

Why I don't currently use a floral wholesale warehouse.

A cute North Shore Shop worth the drive when you visit Duluth, MN.

Which flowers and plants currently available work well for corsages + boutonnieres.

(Hint: Mini-phalaenopsis orchid plants 💕)


And a bonus: If you're a florist, I've got a simple idea that could improve your bottom line. 💰


That's all flower friends! Enjoy! 🎧🎧🎧


Links to Places Mentioned in this Episode:

Duluth Studio Market, Duluth, Mn

Instagram: @duluthmarket

Moonmarket, Duluth, Mn

Instagram: @themoonmarket

Wild Hollow Farm, WI

Instagram: @wildhollowfarm

Gildersleeve Pottery (no public link or website)

Birch Tree Pottery

Mount Royal Market, Duluth, Mn

Cub Foods, Duluth, Mn

Trader Joes, Multiple Locations, Mn

Hobby Lobby, Duluth, Mn


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