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Ep. 5 The April Flower Report + Spring Behind the Scenes

Ok, gang, Welcome to Episode 5. The April Flower Report + Spring Behind The Scenes 🌸

The purpose of this episode is to let you know which flower stems and plants are out there…what’s available now, what you can find and where, what to look for and why. 

I’m also going to let you in on the behind the scenes “what’s happening at my house”...because I'm always thinking ahead and preparing for the next floral project. It might help you think ahead too!


Today’s episode has a very special kind of cheat sheet…and it’s for my creative loves out there. The ones who love to doodle and sketch and write when they learn. 

There is TREMENDOUS value in writing and doodling while you learn or receive scientific information.

It's a cheat sheet/doodle page.

You can find it at:

People who doodle or take "visual notes" remember more, are more able to focus on the topics at hand and generally enjoy the lesson more. So there you go!!! ENJOY!

(Yes, I was a science teacher. ✏️)


In this episode you'll learn:

  • Which bowl of flowers will last you from now until OCTOBER!
  • Which specialty orchid you might want to purchase now to start your orchid collection
  • Which 3 flowers you want to find in the next 6 weeks so they don't go "out of season"
  • Which cute bulb flower is a must have, at least once, this spring 
  • Which common fresh cut stem is starting to show up "differently" these days, and how you can use it in a fresh, new way 

You'll also hear:

  • Where I got the cutest nest EVER
  • The number of floral and plant places I've been to in the last month
  • The 8 items I'm gathering for my Spring Porch Pots
  • 2 simple organizing projects to get ready for "flower season" 

That's all flower friends!

Enjoy! 🎧🎧🎧


Links to Places Mentioned in this Episode:

Trader Joes, Edina, Mn

Bachman's, Bloomington, Mn

Harvest Home, Wayzata, Mn

Tonkadale Greenhouse, Minnetonka, Mn

Hobby Lobby, Duluth, Mn


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