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Ep. 4 Three Things I Want You to Be Able to Do With Flowers (For a Good + Flowery Life)

Welcome to Episode 4, Three Flower "Things" I Really Want You to Know How to Do!!  (For a Good + Flowery Life)

In this episode I share my HOPES and DREAMS for you as a flower community. 🌸

There are 3 things I want you to easily know how to do.

All 3 involve flowers.

All 3 will help you BE better at flowers.

Here they are:

1. I want you to have your very own SIGNATURE DESIGN, that you get really good at, can do over and over, and are set up to create easily. ✂️🌷

2. I want you to know how to make a EUROPEAN HAND-TIED BOUQUET. It's an absolute staple for flower people. And even if you don't yet feel like a flower person, but you want to be a flower person....this is for you. If you learned just one thing, this would be my suggestion. ❤️

3. I want you to GET REALLY GOOD AT DESIGNING TRAYS with multiple fresh/dried/home decor elements for table centerpieces. You can use trays for many things...including solving some design challenges you might have in your home. Trays are one of my "secret" tricks for seasonal decor with florals. It's an economical way to create a new feeling centerpiece each season.🌱

Episode 4 also includes some signature design homework + tray homework. From beginner to advanced...there is homework for everyone! ✏️


Note: I mention my upcoming F L O W E R S C H O O L in this episode. Doors open Spring, 2023. Stay tuned!


If you're looking for a place to talk business with entrepreneurs just like you, to become empowered with new mindsets, to share your journey, to experience forward momentum... 

That's GLOW!

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