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Ep. 3 Prom Corsages + Boutonnieres: Can I Just Do Them Myself?

Welcome to Episode 3: Prom Corsages + Boutonnieres: Can I Just Do Them Myself?

In this episode, Ang gives you all the info you need to decide if now is the time to start doing your own corsages and boutonnieres. Whether for Prom, or Sweetheart, an anniversary, or a friend's big day. Hear a little bit more about what actually goes into making corsages + boutonnieres, so you can decide if it's time for your to be the resident corsage + bout maker! 

  • You'll learn 10 different flowers, and 5 different greens that work well for corsages + bouts. 
  • You'll learn what steps actually need to be taken, in order, to do a great job at corsages + bouts.
  • You'll learn when NOT to offer to do the corsages + bouts.
  • You'll leave this episode with a good handle on whether or not making corsages + bouts is the right next DIY flower project for you.

Grab your cheatsheet below ⬇️ for Episode 3 and let's figure out if this DIY flower project is right for you! 


Episode 3 Cheatsheet/Flowerguide ---> Click here for the most beautiful cheatsheet you ever did see!


BONUS Links to DIY Corsage Making Tools + Products

Need some materials? Here's a slick list to some things you might need.

Floral Knife (Ang's FAVE hook knife...cuts like BUTTAH)

Ribbon Scissor (Also, cuts like BUTTAH)

Fiskars 2 pack Flower Snips (cuts flowers)

Wristlets (Inexpensive Elastic)

Wristlets (Snap Bracelet)

Wristlets (Fancy Rhinestone!)

Corsage + Bout Making Combo Pack with Wires, Pins, Tape, + More

Corsage + Bout Boxes (With Cute Scalloped Edge!)'s kind of boring but you do want a Corsage and Tape Heavy Duty WIRE CUTTER. 🤷‍♀️

There you go, lovelies. 

Get yourselves to the fabric store to pick out your ribbon...they have lots there. Or, find your fave flower shop!!! They have GREAT corsage + bout ribbon. 



If your question is: "Hey Ang, is it cheaper for me to do these myself?"

My answer is: Ummmmm...if time is money to you...NO.

It really depends how many you are making and what you flowers/greens/tools you already have. Making one set...(one corsage and one bout) will likely not save you much money unless you already have all the tools, have a lot of time on your hands, and absolutely love this stuff. If you're making 5 sets...maybe. You need time, you need tools, you need to be willing + you need some good flower energy. If that's'll probs save some money. 💰💰💰

But the DIY peeps aren't usually here to save the money. You lovelies are here because you LOVE it. It brings you JOY to create, make, build and design. If that's you, go for it. Enjoy. Have fun. 

And maybe do a couple practice ones, just for fun. ✂️💃



Note: As an Amazon Affiliate, I may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase products from any Amazon Links I’ve provided. 



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