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Ep. 2 March Vase Episode: Two Vases + One Grey Stone Rabbit Planter

Hey there flower people. Welcome back to The Flower Lover’s Podcast, or if this is your first episode, just WELCOME IN!  

Episode 2: The March Vase Episode: Two Vases + One Grey Stone Rabbit Planter

You’ll learn:

-That moving forward, we’ll have shorter episodes so you can get focused and stay on track.

(It’s possible the first episode was fairly ambitious!)

-My 3 step process you can use now to set the stage for getting good at vases

-About 2 vases I really like for Spring flowers now + all about each vase

-Where you can take a fun, easy, casual flower class (filmed right in my own kitchen!)

(Hint: It’s right here→


And, you’ll learn about one darling rabbit planter. 


You’ll hear:

-How easy and do-able creating in these vases can be.

-5-6 reason why I like each one, and why YOU will like each one

-Why you might want to plan a Spring Brunch for your Besties

-Specific ideas for what to do with these containers at your own home.

-4 reasons I really love that grey stone rabbit


You’ll want to: 

-Get these vases and start doing your floral designs right now! 

-Leave work early and get to the tulip store!

-Host a spring brunch for your favorite people, complete with florals!

-See the images at @angtheflowerteacher on Instagram for visuals + inspo.


You’ll also learn:

How to use the ALL AROUND SMALL CLEAR GLASS CUTIE vase in spring:

  1. 5 tulips. 
  2. Blooming plants at your house…cut a couple blooms. Hellebore. Jasmine. 
  3. 3 roses with seeded eucalyptus
  4. One sitting gerber daisy. 3 gerber daisies.
  5. And a simple one….filled with mini-mums or blue thistle to create a tiny texture ball.


How’s that? 

You’ll learn 2 vases. ✅✅

You’ll fall in love with one rabbit.❤️


LINKS Mentioned in Episode 2

Clear Glass Cute Chubby Cylinder→

All Around Small Clear Glass Cutie Vase from JoAnn Fabrics →

Grey Stone Rabbit Planter→

Also available at Michael’s (but sold out there at the time of this recording!)


Gently suggested flower homework: ✏️

  1. For the people who are here for simple inspiration and are already floral experts….I’m thinking your homework is figuring out what’s the best date for the spring ladies brunch. And deciding what you’re going to serve! And deciding what color tulips to get.
  2. For the people who are a little newer to the flower world, you want to start practicing…and you wan’t to get better at vases, and this probably sounds do-able. So for you guys…your gently suggested homework is to get one of the vases I’ve discussed above and just begin. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Mostly, I want you to get the cylinders as inexpensively as you can, and then get 2 bunches of tulips. Then…if you really want to feel like you’ve gotten some teaching…watch the tulip training. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s at It’s casual. It’s for the everyday flower lover. 


I feel like I’m sending you all off into the world right now to go make the flowers.

And if that’s what’s happening, have fun everyone!!!

And be gentle with yourselves if this is new for you.

We want this to feel good.

We want this to be healing and helpful.

This is a no stress zone…so whatever level you want this flower learning

To be at…have it be there. Do what feels good to you.

JUST BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! 


Until next time, happy flowering!!!! 🌸


Tune in next week for more flower goodness and learning. If this podcast was helpful to you, and you know someone else who would benefit from the flower learning that’s happening, please SHARE this podcast with them. You can send them the link to this episode right from your phone!


Note: As an Amazon Affiliate, I may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase products from any Amazon Links I’ve provided. I am not currently a JoAnn Fabrics Affiliate. 


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