Are you ready to get some flower confidence? Would you like flowers to be easier?

Would you like to feel GOOD at flowers? 

Would you like to one of those people who just knows which flowers to buy, when to buy them, + how long they'll last? Would it be helpful to have a flower tutor each month? One that shows you which vases for which flowers? Would you like to feel empowered and inspired about flowers, and maybe even some plants? I can help!

Join me each month for flower knowledge and inspiration at your very own LIVE DIY Flower Workshop Online! "Flowers at Home" is a floral education membership where I teach the simple art of living with flowers at home. 

You'll learn:

  • How to curate the right selection of vases for you, and which ones to recycle (so you can declutter the cabinet!)
  • Which flowers are in-season, last the longest, and how you can simply arrange them so they look amazing
  • Tips, tricks + hints for quick designing from a floral design expert. 🌿
  • How to make your flowers/greens last the longest using different vases + different spaces
  • Which spaces in your home are ideal for "bringing the outside in"
  • How to decide which floral style is best for your home/office, + your decor style
  • Names + Personalities of your favorite flowers, greens, berries, branches, + plants (the ones that will serve you the most at home or in your office) 🌸
  • Which plants are best for which space + how to display them
  • Which tools to use and where get them βœ‚οΈ

Everyone's invited. Even if you've never done anything like this before. Especially if you've never done anything like this before.

You get LIVE Monthly Trainings with a Floral Expert

Each month, the 1st Wednesday at 10am, we'll dive into the best flowers for the season and we'll learn which vases work well. I will gather flowers from the Grocer, the Coop, the Florist, my Gardens + the Outdoors. 🌿

I'll design right on camera, and you can ask questions in REAL TIME.

I'll answer as I design. 🌸


Enjoy Anytime Access to your Floral Workshops

Can't make the live training?

Watch it at your convenience at home or office. Recordings will be available Thursday mornings at 10am, 24 hours after the live training. 

Watch on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer anywhere, anytime, over + over if needed! πŸ’»



Hey Ang, what if I just want to try it?

A: You can. Sign up for a month and see if you like it. See what it's all about! See if you like my teaching style. See if it's a fit.

Can I sign up for 9 months?

A: Sign up for as long as you like. Cancel anytime with the Monthly Membership Option.

What if I miss the first months of the membership being open?

A: This is a START ANYTIME membership. Every month is different. JOIN ANYTIME.

What if I miss a LIVE TRAINING?

A: The recording will be available to you the next day at 10am Central. 

How will I know what flowers and vases you are using?

A: You will be provided with a materials list a couple days before the workshop. Links will be provided in case you want to purchase a tool/vase.

Ang, what if I'm not on Facebook?

A: You do not need to be on Facebook to be part of this membership, but it does help. Communication + connection will also occur via email, and on Instagram at @angtheflowerteacher.

Ang, what do you think the best way to "use" this membership is?

A: The membership has been set up with a year-long commitment in mind. I want you to commit and DIVE IN! Learn flowers for every season and tips/tricks/hints for every season. I want to teach you about seasonal availability. I want you to be inspired at least once-a-month to have flowers or plants in your space. If you want to "get good" at flowers, the year-long membership is the best value. Also, being with flowers once a month feels good. It's nurturing. Consider using the membership as your self-care! ❀️

What if I am not creative?

A: Giddyup. If you are not creative, you are 110% welcome, invited, and encouraged to be here. I ESPECIALLY want you here. I will be your flower cheerleader and your most positive encourager! πŸ€—

What happens when I am no longer part of the membership? Do I get access to the videos from when I was in the membership?

A: No. Paying members have anytime access to the recorded workshops while they are members. If you cancel, you will no longer have access to the recorded workshops.

I need reminders. Do you send reminders? 

A: We are happy to send you a  reminder for the live workshop! You'll have the option to have it set up. πŸ‘

"Flowers at Home" sounds like it's a Level 1 Class. Will you be offering more types of training?

A: Possibly. It depends what the "Flowers at Home" Community asks for. I am able to teach all levels of floral design, but my ultimate vision is to start everyone out with an awesome FLORAL FOUNDATION. This means flower knowledge, systems for staying organized, and learning all of your go-to's each season. 🌟 

Ang, I just wanna make sure you're not teaching us how to arrange 12 carnations in a vase with babies breath.

A: Well, if you know me at all, you know that my design style is a bit more architectural, manicured, garden-inspired. We will learn about all kinds of flowers, greens + plants....but the design style will be more modern, less traditional. If you are concerned about this, try "Flowers at Home" out for a couple of months and see if it's a match. 🌿

What if I want to cancel?

A: Email hello@angstocke to request cancellation at least 10 days before your monthly payment day. 

What if I try it for a month and then sign up for the whole year, so I can save some money?

A: Email [email protected] and request a change from monthly to yearly. Easy!

Ang, I don't want to spend a bunch of money on flowers.

A: I get this. Which is one reason I am having this membership!!! I want it to be easy to afford flowers and make them last.

I recommend having a budget for some flowers each month. BUT I PROMISE to show you the most economical way to keep yourself in flowers. I will offer many options, so you can choose what will work best for you. I want flowers to be EASY and DO-ABLE. I will keep cost in mind every month. But, I will also show you the fancy stuff. The more you know, the more you can make educated decisions about what will work best for your space + your budget.

How do we meet? Zoom?

A: We will meet in a Zoom Meeting. No one will see you unless you turn your camera on, but you will see me teaching. You will be able to talk via the chat box. Type in your questions, comments, and chat into the chat box. I'm on at 9.45am if you'd like to chat before we begin.

I'm ready, Ang. When do we start?

A: First workshop is the first  Wednesday of the month at 10am. Sign up today! I can't even wait for you to begin!!!!