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Brand Personality Workshop

Hey there business owner...are you ready to get really clear on your business brand and what it stands for?

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur or business owner ready for a MASTERFUL rebrand? Perhaps you are looking to REFRESH your current brand? Maybe you need some clarity on your BRAND MESSAGE?

I can help!

This program, based in brand archetyping, was a life-changer for me & my business, as well as for hundreds of others.

Whether you are just CREATING a new brand or refreshing your current brand, this program is POWERFUL. 

Can I tell you a secret? I feel a little bit on fire about it. Well, a lot on fire. I believe every one of my entrepreneur & business owner clients should go through this program. To me, this is foundational to a business.

What is it, exactly, you ask?’s a full day workshop, led by me. Either done privately one-on-one ($1497), or in a small group in-person workshop ($297) or taken as a course online ($297).

Here’s what you'll do in The Brand Personality Workshop:

  • Take an assessment, learn your signature and influencing archetypes, and learn the power of knowing these in your business.
  • You will receive a set of 12 beautiful full-color archetype cards for your use in marketing, social media, branding and growing your business.
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Archetype Cards


  • You will receive a set of 12 beautiful full-color archetype cards for your use in marketing, social media, branding and growing your business.
  • You will receive a workbook to use as you create a BRAND GUIDE for you and your business. 
  • You will learn your brand’s unique “brilliance” to use as a powerful catalyst for FOCUSING your gifts and talents on your most PROFITABLE actions.
  • You will create your AUTHENTIC brand promise which captures your own personal spirit, personality and passion for your business.
  • You will be coached through exercises on a short time frame to keep you accountable, INSPIRED, directed and on-track.
  • You will enjoy an easy, step-by-step process complete with assessment, templates and brand guide. 

   You’ll also:

  • Leave with a powerful new MINDSET that leads to EASIER marketing, more profitable decision making, and CLARITY around who you serve and why.
  • Be coached through mindset blocks that come up, who you need to become to achieve your goal.
  • Have a list of WORDS to use in marketing and social media to effortlessly attract clients.
  • Be able to immediately begin GROWING YOUR BUSINESS using your Brand Archetype.
  • Enjoy FOCUSING on your own business with your newfound clarity, instead of admiring everyone else!

This body of work is FUN and FASCINATING!!!! 🎉 🤓

It’s all about you, your brand, your business and the benefits are LASTING!

It’s a coaching workshop designed with you, the business owner, in mind. You are busy. Your brain won’t stop racing. You have so many things to do. You need options. Your plate is full but you would LOVE to work ON your business instead of only working IN your business. You need the best bang for your TIME and your BUCK.

Wanna join me for this awesome workshop? Check out the 3 options below. 


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About the Group Seminar

Most often done at an area hotel, this option is best done in a Mastermind Setting with 10 or less participants. Find out more about our next group workshop...where we do all the same things as the VIP but you are in a group. It's especially fun to sign up with friends. 

The Group Brand Personality Workshop is done on a day pre-selected at an area hotel. We start at 9-4pm with lunch + breaks as needed.  We have workbooks, markers, pencils, pens, conversations, learning,  archetype cards + flipcharts...and I do a little brand personality show which most find educational + entertaining. 😊

It's a FUN workshop! 🎉

If you like the energy of a group, and are comfortable sharing and working in a group setting, this option is for you. 

Click here to email me and get started. 

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About the Online Course

The online course starts is open for enrollment November 1st.  Complete this course on your own time, in your own space, at your own pace. Full color printed Assessment, Workbook, and Archetype Cards sent via USPS and also provided in your online course materials. Stop and start when you need with this step-by-step course, presented in video format.

Like this option best?

Click here and let me know.



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About the VIP Day

The VIP Day Intensive Branding Workshop is done on a day chosen by you + I at an area hotel. We can meet in Duluth, Stillwater or Edina. We start at 9-4pm with lunch + breaks as needed. Just you, me, workbooks, markers, flipcharts, archetype cards, coaching, conversation, + deep work. It's magical!

If you like focused work with highly personalized results and you want private, one-on-one coaching throughout...this option is for you. 

Click here to email me and get started. 


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