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The number one, very simple tool that changed my life forever and got me “UNSTUCK”. It will move you out of paralyzing overwhelm towards forward momentum + action. Seriously, my FAVORITE tool.

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Get out of OVERWHELM and into PEACEFUL CLARITY. See life in an entirely new and very organized way. Find out which parts of life are most in need of attention now.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Reveal where life is out of balance now. And make a plan to help restore that balance.


Choose For Yourself

Decide where it’s most important for you to FOCUS NOW.


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Leave stress + overwhelm behind and take control of your life—because who else will?



Business, Money + Life Coach

Hey there lovely! ❤️

I can't wait to meet for real...but until then, I'll introduce myself.

I'm Ang Stocke, former teacher + flower shop owner turned coach. I live in the gorgeous state of Minnesota on the Westernmost tip of Lake Superior with my husband, 3 sporty teenage-ish boys, and one darling dog, Lewis. 

I coach people who want some part of their life to be different than it is today. Whether at home, in their career, with their business, in their relationships, with their money, their routines, or the way they spend their time. They are stuck in the day-to-day and are ready to work ON their life or business, not just IN it. Most often, my clients want to feel truly present more than they currently do. 

Several of my clients have suggested that I have a magic they have experienced what feels like magic during our coaching conversations. My heart + soul shine brightest when I am connecting deeply in a coaching conversation with my clients. These conversations are transformational. It's where the greatest change happens for them. 

I'm obsessed with the art of these beautiful conversations. And although I often help leaders, CEO's, creatives, entrepreneurs, females...I love coaching people who are READY to change.

If you are IN for change, then I am IN to COACH. 

I believe it's our duty to lift others up with our gifts. I believe we shine brightest when we know who we are, what we believe in, where we are going. We are powerful when we see how our lives contribute to the greater world. My clients want to contribute and are intentional about living a full + beautiful life that feels good to them.

Join me, won't you?

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