5 Common Money Blocks Most of Us Have and How to Get Rid of Them

Get Better at Money by Getting Better at Your THOUGHTS Around Money

Hosted by Ang Stocke, Host of The Brilliant Creative Podcast, and Creative Business + Money Coach for  Entrepreneurs in all Stages



What a Money Block Is + 5 Common Money Blocks You Might Have


The Step-by-Step Process You Can Use to Address Your Money Blocks

(Because we ALL have money blocks!)

Leave with

20+ Fresh and Empowering Thoughts You Can Use Now to Replace Your Money Blocks 

If we haven't, I'm Ang. I help entrepreneurs get to the next level in their business, and the next level in their life. I'm usually helping them get out of their own way!

And I LOVE it!!!

I'd love to have you join me for this upcoming masterclass. And if you're a little uncomfortable talking about money, how about if I do all the talking?? You don't have to talk at all. Just listen, become aware, consider and maybe learn something new. I promise to wrap all this money stuff up with a whole lot of LOVE and non-judgement.

Wherever you are in your money life, let's help you figure that out, and then...let's help you figure out where you WANT to go.

That's what I'm here for.

Join me for a class that will teach you how to THINK DIFFERENTLY about money. It's a life-changer of a class.

I'd LOVE to have you!! See you on the inside. 🤍


You want to take steps to improve your money life now.

You want to learn more about how you can easily change your money behavior.

You want to create new habits around money.

You want to be the kind of person who pays attention to money, but you’ve had a hard time in the past.

You grew up in a house where money was hard, and you want something different for your family.

You think setting some intentions around your money would inspire you to achieve your goals.

You want to learn what blindspots you have around money, and how to fix them.

You want money to be better but you have no idea where to begin!

You want money to feel easier as soon as possible!


Hey there...I gotta tell you somethin'.

Everyone has money blocks...YES THEY DO!!! We all do. No matter what you do, how much money you have or don't have, whether you have an awesome job or not, whether you were born wealthy or poor, all of us have them!

Money blocks can really get in our way. Especially if you are an entrepreneur.

If you're an entrepreneur, it makes things so much easier if you've got some really good thoughts around money.

When I started my first business, I DID NOT.
I did it the wrong way.
Well, parts of it I did right.
Parts of it, I could have done differently. And I NOW KNOW what I wish I would have known when I was a YOUNG entrepreneur. When I was a baby entrepreneur....Oh I wish I would have know all of this magical money coaching stuff. I could have made more money. I could have saved more money. Money would have been easier! 

Which is why, when I learned about money coaching, I KNEW I had to bring it to my coaching clients...and any entrepreneur that wanted to listen.

In order to be successful, love your work and enjoy a sustainable business year after year, being in a good headspace around money plays a role.

Even if you don't like talking about money.


Join me for this MASTERCLASS! 

  • Come with your coffee in your jammies. 
  • Come while you're parked in front of the lake in your car.
  • Come and listen as you're painting, making, creating, building, sewing, or doing whatever it is you do.  
  • Come while you take a walk in nature. 
  • Or, if you want the maximum experience, hop on your computer and go through the slide presentation with me. Seeing and hearing solidifies the learning. 

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